What can we do in spring with a 5 years old boy?

By Traveller February 8, 2019

What can we do in spring with a 5 years old boy?

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By Camille Traveller February 8, 2019

Hello, My nephew is 5 and came over for Easter vacation. Is the city good for kids?
Thank you

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Yes, you will find things to do.
You van go to Fyris hov
I would recommend
Evolution museum and Biotopia museum, Those two are great for kids. You also have the Gamla Uppsala museum where you also can walk around the old Viking museum out by viking finitas site.
Local February 13, 2019
Visit Carolina parken with Pelle Svanslös (Pelle the cat). It is a playground for kids in a nice park. It is also a playground in Stadsträdgården. Evolutionsmuseet and Botaniska växthuset (greenhouse) is somerhing to visit.
Local February 8, 2019
Biotopia is a great place that kids usually love. They have a café too.
You can go to Fyrishov to play in the pools.
There are two indoor places for kids to play in: Leos Lekland and Busfabriken.
Local Expert February 8, 2019