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About me:

Founder of "BiHi Prague" a project for promoting outdoor experiences. As a MTB enthusiast I have been riding Czech trails and bike parks for years. I know like the back of my hand each rock and tree. Read more

My passions are:

  • Outdoors
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Travelling

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Spas & wellness
  • Alternative spots
  • Restaurants & food
  • Parks & nature
  • Kid-friendly places

My idea of a great trip is: To be far away from touristic places, busy streets and traffic noise and spend time with locals.

I love my city because: Although is a capital city in the middle of Europe, Prague has many natural places.

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Biking in Prague to the thrill.
for Dan’s tour (Discover Prague's Parks by Bike)
There's not much to say how great biking with Dan is. He really knows how to put you to some adrenaline, fun and fantastic trails.

I would recommend Dan for any bike adventurers who wants to experience something new or if you ever were afraid going down from that hill.

It's just a total MTB experience in beautiful parks inside of Prague.
Bike trip around Prague
for Dan’s tour (Discover Prague's Parks by Bike)
Me and my son went with Dan on a nice bike ride around Prague in the beginning of July. It was a small trip through the woods in a natural park.
Before we started Dan carefully checked our bikes and made sure everything was in good condition. He then explained to Robert the path and all the difficult parts for him.
During the 2 hours ride, Dan was showing us how to improve our technique and strengthen our skills. The path was adjusted to our skill level and it was amazing. My son learned a lot from the trip and we will most definitely come back for another ride.
Cross country bike trip
for Dan’s tour (Discover Prague's Parks by Bike)
I went on the 20km trip with Dan few days ago and it was really nice experience - first of all Dan is not only an excellent guide, knowing many nice trails - he's also taking care about people going with him - for example he took more water and food in case I run out of mine (which actually happened...), which is a very good sign of professional attitude.
We did several different trails and he was very descriptive about each of them, telling me about more difficult places, looking constantly if I was able to follow him. He often gave me a choice about which path I want to take, making sure I feel comfortable, but at the same time not bored. What was also really nice - he took me through hills with very nice views on Prague, I've never been before - taking a break in such a place made the whole trip even better.

I recommend going with Dan, even if you just want to start your cross country biking!
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