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Knowledge lover! I think thats prettty much it. Love learning new things, meeting people, travelling and enjoying some good company every now and then!

My passions are:

  • History
  • Meeting People

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Spas & wellness
  • Sports & recreation
  • Shops & markets
  • Local neighbourhoods
  • Hidden gems
  • Alternative spots
  • Culture hubs
  • Historical sights
  • Galleries & museums
  • Art & architecture
  • Parks & nature
  • Bars & nightlife
  • Restaurants & food
  • Cafés & coffee shops
  • Budget eats

I have travelled to: Done Europe - looking forward to Asia now ;)

I love my city because: Thessaloniki is a wonderful place to live in or visit for as far as you know how to explore the city properly. STUDENT CITY: Easy going, slow-tempo city swarm with young students who make the city so lively. Remember to ask for tips after the tour:)

My idea of a great trip is: Informal, Entertaining and USEFUL i.e. how to spent your money SMART. tips about where to eat & drink - indoors & outdoors activities. Informative: Thessaloniki is a very old and historic city: Founded in the Name of Alexander the Great's sister; co-capital to Constantinopole during the Byzantine times; Nicknamed as the Mother of Israel and hometown to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk! Fun! We are not going to bombard you with info (unless you ask for it . . ) but instead we rather sharing myths and legends that you will remember for years after you leave the city:)