Prague, Tbilisi

Local Guru

Prague, Tbilisi

Local Guru

Originally from Denver, Colorado, I've lived in several different countries and finally found myself abiding in Prague, the queen city of Bohemia. When I'm not playing accordion in smokey bars, I spend my time in quiet cafes where I can get some writing done or walking around this amazing and beautiful city. I also keep up a travel blog called Saint Facetious - part educational and part entertaining, tips and stories from all across the world -

Occupation: writer, musician

My passions are:

  • History
  • Music
  • Writing

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Shops & markets
  • Cafés & coffee shops
  • Bars & nightlife

I love my city because: Bohemia is the birthplace of good beer and they stay true to their origins here! It's also excruciatingly hard to find an ugly place in the main part of town, as everywhere you turn there's a hidden beauty waiting to be discovered.

My idea of a great trip is: To a city or village where I can spend time walking and drinking coffee with my wife.

I have travelled to: Over 30 different countries. My most notable occasion was perhaps living with some Bedouin in a cave in Jordan.