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About me:

I returned home after living in 4 different countries over 5 years. I have been based in Bratislava since 2014. I am travelling as much as I can (almost 40 countries on my scratch map) so I know what difference can advice from locals make. Get in touch with me to find out more about activities, culinary experience and nightlife in Bratislava or elsewhere in Slovakia:) Read more

My passions are:

  • Sports
  • Food
  • Wine

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Spas & wellness
  • Budget eats
  • Local neighbourhoods
  • Bars & nightlife
  • Restaurants & food

I have travelled to: Almost 40 countries inside and outside Europe. India, Thailand, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Cuba and Oman count among most exotic ones

My idea of a great trip is: Combining sport, nature, food and relax together

I love my city because: Great geographical location and possibilities for active life

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