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About me:

An entrepreneur in the travel sector, with a background in design and marketing. I’m interested in getting to know different cultures through travel, taking photos, and making new friends across the world.

If you’re interested in discovering Tallinn’s weird and wonderful gems, local neighbourhoods, green spaces, awesome food scene, or anything really, feel free to get in touch! Read more

My passions are:

  • Skiing
  • Listening to music
  • Travelling
  • Business
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Hidden gems
  • Historical sights
  • Restaurants & food
  • Cafés & coffee shops
  • Parks & nature

I love my city because: I really love Tallinn because it’s small enough that you can walk or bike pretty much anywhere, and big enough that there’s always lots of cool stuff happening. And the lovely atmosphere of the medieval Old Town, of course. It takes you back in time.

My idea of a great trip is: Wandering around smaller streets and neighbourhoods with my camera, exploring local life and culture, or hiking from desert to jungle to mountains.

I have travelled to: Over 45 countries on all continents (besides Antarctica!) My favourites: Brazilian people, New Zealand nature, Moroccan chaos, and the US West Coast.

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The best local guide
Kalev must be the best local guide in Tallinn. His explanation gives us a variety of perspectives. Not only the historical knowledge about the city, but also the background of the culture of entrepreneurs was explained with the background. His guide is rich in inspiration!!!!
Alternative tour
Kalev gave us an alternative tour in Tallinn, which was very nice. He told us some cool facts about the city, and I got the feeling we were really seeing Tallinn like a local! Kalev also helped us with booking a restaurant and he was able to take it into account for the tour. :)
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