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About me:

Born in an ex-soviet background of Republic of Moldova, then mixed with a western flair for 8 years in England has birthed a strong sense of curiosity for the discovery of the unknown. Traveling has become a strong passion alongside photography.
Love meeting new people, learning new things and sharing the knowledge i have.
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My passions are:

  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Photography

I love my city because: it's a great place to experience a new culture without spending much money

I have travelled to: Romania/ Ukraine/ Russia/ Italy/ Spain/ England/ France/ Netherlands/ Malta/ Cyprus/ Turkey/ Japan/ Iceland/ Serbia/

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Reviews from travellers (4)


Just like it should be !
for Roxy’s tour (Tour of Chișinău City Centre)
Chisinau is not the prettiest of all Eastern European cities, but Roxy Love managed to offer me a very interesting tour. And there are beautiful spots in Chisinau, I confirm ! During the walk she told many stories from the Soviet times as well as from during the independence of Moldova. The way Roxy Love offered her tour was just like it should be, I fully enjoyed it. And not a detail : she speaks English to perfection (she lived several years in London). Summary : I recommend this tour to anyone visiting Chisinau.
A must do
for Roxy’s tour (Tour of Chișinău City Centre)
The best way to explore and love Chișinău. Roxy is very knowledgeable, pleasant and friendly and speaks English fluently. After booking, she asked if we had any special requests, which was very nice. We took the 3 hour city tour, but everything is possible. Just ask!
Nice tour and kind local guide
for Roxy’s tour (Tour of Chișinău City Centre)
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