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Moscow, Saratov, Kutná Hora

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About me:

I myself like to travel and have been working as a tour guide for a while. I can imagine how great it must be to have a local who treats you like a good friend. So, be my guest, relax, enjoy the city and let me take care of you!

Besides travel, my interests are foreign languages, sports and the arts, especially photography. I’m studying Italian and German at the moment, and I’d be happy to practice with you if you speak or are learning either language.

I really enjoy being a guide, planning each tour individually (spontaneously or in advance), meeting new people and seeing how pleased guests are with their experience. Read more

My passions are:

  • Walking
  • Travelling
  • Sports
  • Dancing
  • Languages
  • Photography
  • Rock Music
  • Arts

I have travelled to: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Tunisia, France, Greece, be continued :)

My idea of a great trip is: Keep your eyes open, enjoy, relax, collect memories, try new things, meet locals and get to know a new culture!

I love my city because: It’s beautiful, mysterious, magical, memorable and it has lots to offer no matter what you’re interested in.

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Reviews from travellers (12)


Great fun!
for Natalia’s tour (Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague)
I've been on plenty of tours in Europe but this was by far the most fun. It's something totally different and laid back. It felt much more like going around the town with a new friend than being on a traditional tour. If you like trying new things and having a few good drinks this is a must do in Prague. Nataly is great. She's friendly, funny and very knowledgeable about absinthe.
Super fun, tasty, and informative!
for Natalia’s tour (Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague)
Wow, we had a blast! We decided to go as a family (we're all of age) and I figured it may be tough to appeal to a variety of ages/personalities but Natalie did a fantastic job of keeping us interested throughout. Her passion for this really shines through as she takes you to some fantastic Absinthe bars and provides you with history as well as tasting tips on the tour. Would recommend for anyone visiting Prague that is looking for a unique and eclectic experience.
Very informative tour by lovely guide!
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