Chennai, Boston

Local Ambassador

Chennai, Boston

Local Ambassador

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I enjoy traveling, photography, painting, art museums, literature, history, and more.

Enjoy a good conversation on pretty much anything.

Professionally a researcher, scientist, engineer, etc.

Live in Chennai now. Studied and worked in USA for many years.

Love to see many more places around the world.

My passions are:

  • Arts
  • Computer programming
  • Cycling
  • Driving
  • Hiking
  • History
  • Humour
  • Literature
  • Nature
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Science
  • Travelling

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Shops & markets
  • Local neighbourhoods
  • Historical sights
  • Art & architecture
  • Parks & nature
  • Restaurants & food
  • Cafés & coffee shops

I love my city because: Chennai is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu. The history of the state and the city goes far beyond 4000 years of civilization, culture, literature, arts. Various powerful kings and dynasties have ruled over this region and left their fabulous imprint on civilization, culture and monuments. Then came the wave of Europeans -- the Portugese, Dutch, French, British... and yes they left their imprint as well. Where else in the world can you see wonderful thousand-year old hindu temples sprinked around the city co-existing with British era buildings, monuments ?

I have travelled to: All over USA ( 20+ states ) ; Europe ( Austria, Czech, Finland, France, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia ) ; Peru ; Cambodia.