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Hello everybody!

I am Takis from Athens! Above all, I love to travel! I'd be glad to share my passion with people who would like to visit the unique city of Athens and not only ! I would try my best towards the direction of making your trip perfect, I think that i know the city quite well, (too modest, don't you think :)

Ok, always you can learn more for sure..

Trips and suggestions could be flexible according to each person's will and interests, plans could be flexible!

Despite the fact that I have graduated from Tourism Business Administration Faculty of Technological Educational Institution of Patras (thrid most poulated city in Greece, Western side, well known Carnibal city, yes maybe I can guide you there as well btw :),

Had worked in various different fields of tourism sector, like Airport Information, Tourist Office in the city, Local bars, some travel writing, performances and more, I cannot describe something which could identify me more than communicating with random people while touring or whatever around the city...
A friend named Dario who I've met once in Estonia recommended me that site, to whom I am so thankful !

I was (am) new here so excuse me haha. You can contact me also at takismakrygiannis@email.com! (Already mentioned I know) Thank you, you are welcome !
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My passions are:

  • People
  • Tennis
  • Science
  • Basketball
  • Sports
  • Cycling
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Learning
  • Friends
  • Travelling
  • Table Tennis
  • Exploring

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Parks & nature
  • Bars & nightlife
  • Galleries & museums
  • Alternative spots
  • Budget eats

I have travelled to: -Neighboorhoods and suburbns, around Athens./Rest of Greece/Peloponnese. Have lived for some years at Patras, visited cities around/Islands: Cyclades, Saronic Gulf, Ionian Sea, Crete.-Western and Northern Greece, cities as Ioannina and Thessaloniki/ Europe- Have lived in Denmark for a year, travelled around.Some months in Estonia, visited Norway, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, UK (England). Quick trip or just a stopover at Latvia, Lithuania,Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovenia Rest of the World I haven't been ''Overseas'' yet, best is soon to come!

I love my city because: Because is geographically located at such a hub place, which played such an important role at the significance and offer of Athens at our planet from Ancient times until now. Ideas of democracy, at least at the first steps, great archeological monuments, philosophy, and more sightseeing, you know! Surrounded by mountains, sea, with plenty of islands around..around 5 million people at the urban agglometration..Traditional and modern at the same way, so culturally diverse and unique, but what can I say, you will discover! Feel welcome to make as many questions as you wish actually!

My idea of a great trip is: Combining a bit of everything. Let's say, visit the center/ catch the metro go to another neighboorhood/ stop for food/drinks/ just go to the park/ or for some sports.. You prefer nature or urban spots ? Each trip is unique and based on ideas of respect, personal needs, and free will of each individual, couple, company, whoever or whatever you are.

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