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I have been living in Riga since I was born. Riga takes most of my time - I am an art historian and I am working as a guide. I am also involved into heritage protection, so I am pretty much into the cultural life of the city. However, I never see Riga as an object detached from the daily life. A night out with my friends, an early coffee in a cafe, a walk through the suburbs mean a lot to me, just like a 13th century church or the beautiful boulevards in the Art Nouveau district. I enjoy being one of the Like A Local editors, as I can share my passions for Riga with its guests. Read more

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Galleries & museums
  • Culture hubs

I love my city because: Riga is beautiful, lively, proud, full of good people. It is worth fighting for.

I have travelled to: Many places all around the world. Many cities, some forests, some seas, some mountains, a desert, a jungle. I have a lot of good memories but I hope that some of the best trips are still ahead.

My idea of a great trip is: A long trip, trying to find the most characteristic things and values about each place and its people.

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