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About me:

An individual who strives to understand the world every chance she gets is how I have previously been described. I am based in London, however, I have spent the better part of five years living in the Middle East, East Asia, South Eastern Europe and Central America.

I am a total language and culture nerd. I majored in the Korean language and speak it proficiently, and can speak a number of others (Spanish, Russian etc). My new focus is Bosnian, a language I have been dancing a slow dance with for the past 3 years. I hope to maybe do some British sign language at some point too...!

Massive foodie - I grew up around food and world cuisine (I blame my father, who is a chef, and my grandma who was a pie queen). By living in places where they have a large coffee culture, I have become quite passionate about coffee too. I pretty much love cooking, exploring quaint little coffee shops and understanding culture through my taste buds.

Send me a message if you want to catch-up or tips on various places I've been based in. Read more

My passions are:

  • Books
  • Interior Design
  • Artwork
  • Cinema
  • Eating
  • Beer
  • Freelance Writing
  • Painting
  • History
  • Exploring
  • Architecture
  • People
  • Foreign language learning
  • Travelling
  • Photography
  • Coffee
  • Films
  • Learning
  • Drawing
  • Backpacking Travel

My idea of a great trip is: To let spontaneous plans take there course - obviously basic things such as accommodation and travel from A to B. My most favourite thing is to have friends in cities where you haven't been to yet - often the most amazing places & memories.

I love my city because: There is nowhere like it elsewhere on the planet - utterly special with a unique vibe.

I have travelled to: I am on 65 countries, I plan on hitting 100 by the time I am 30!

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