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Moscow and 1 others answered about Moscow • May 25, 2017

Hello locals ... Where I can find latinas in Moscow ..?? 

(2 answers)

Hello Amin! As far as we know one of the most popular place for this is bar called Casa Agave, it's quite close to t... Read more

Moscow and 3 others answered about Moscow • May 17, 2017

Aurora Borealis 

(4 answers)

Hello Darlene! The most popular destination in Russia for catching Aurora Borealis is Murmansk. You can get to Murma... Read more

Moscow and 5 others answered about Moscow • May 14, 2017


(6 answers)

Dear Natasha, Hello! SANDUNY BATHS - best Russian bath in Moscow! Well-heated, with a birch broom, bath is a gr... Read more

Moscow and 5 others answered about Moscow • May 13, 2017

Best places to eat at kitay gorod? :)  

(6 answers)

Hello, Laura! You will fiend a lot of nice places on Kitay-Gorod) We can recommend BELORUSSKAYA KUHNYA restau... Read more

Moscow and 10 others answered about Moscow • May 8, 2017

Budget thing to do on a rainy day. 

(11 answers)

Hello, dear friends:) If you are art fans, I would suggest you to visit Vinzavod (4th Siromyatnicheskiy sidestreet 1... Read more

Moscow and 2 others answered about Moscow • December 10, 2016

staying in mercure hotel..kindly tell good affordable places to eat and drink 

(3 answers)

Hi, Tanece, Is not possible to know the restaurants in all the disctricts of Moscow. The one in your hotel has good ... Read more