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About me:

I'm a 36 Parisian girl born and raised in a village nearby Versailles.
I used to create and sell "love locks" on the famous lover's bridge "Pont des Arts" with my darling, Sed (we've been a faithful couple for 14 years).
This job revealed me a keen interest in working with foreign visitors.
When the government replaced the bridge's fences by windows I started to search for another job. I've been lucky enough to find a company's ad searching for a guide specialized in Catacombs. This is how I discovered this job.
Being impassioned by catacombs and underground heritage for 9 years, I am currently employed by several companies to lead guided tours of the Catacombs Museum. I also do day-tours of the Normandy D-Day beaches, the town of Chartres and its cathedral, walking tours of the cemetery of Père-Lachaise, themed-tours about the historical crimes and legends of Paris...

This is the dream job to me: I love meeting people from all around the world to share my passion with them.

I also love history, music, gigs, exhibitions, pubs, urban exploration...
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My passions are:

  • Cheese
  • Music
  • Dogs
  • Eating
  • Equestrianism
  • Drawing
  • Rock Music
  • Drinking
  • Climbing
  • History
  • Amateur Geology
  • Exploring
  • MMA
  • Friends
  • Beer
  • Urban Exploration
  • Nature
  • Listening to music
  • Meeting People

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Historical sights
  • Alternative spots
  • Hidden gems
  • Galleries & museums
  • Art & architecture

My idea of a great trip is: very simple: A road trip in a van with my darling (15 years of happiness so far), my dog and some of my loyal friends through the great landscapes of a beautiful country during a sunny summer. I'd start with visiting France, there's so much to see, any region is gorgeous and always has delicious food and drink specialities...

I love my city because: It's a place full of history and stunning anecdotes, unsuspected parts to discover, surprises to reveal.. The architecture is wonderful, each door, building and street is beautiful. I feel lucky and privileged to be Parisian and to have such an interesting job. What I dislike is aggressivity and rudeness often part of French people's behaviour... I want foreigners to spend a great time in Paris and have a good experience with French population!

I have travelled to: London, Los Angeles, San Diego, Amsterdam, Germany, Geneva and the countrysides of Scotland, Switzerland, England and France.

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Catacombs tour
Was not able to go, schedule issues with assigned guide.
Great tour
Leo was a great guide!
Fascinating tour. Léo knew so many facts, was very nice. You can tell she lives for this stuff! Thank you!
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