Local Expert


Local Expert

I grew up and studied in Thessaloniki, my home town. Apart from travelling only for a few days in different places, I only left my city once for a whole semester, for my Erasmus in Hannover, Germany. In that period of time I really missed my city, the greek sun and wandering around in the city with my friends. These are things I just can't do without!

Travelling is a passion of mine. One of my favorite experiences in my life had to do with travelling...of course! I made an Interrail trip with friends, which lasted two weeks and we visited many different city in Italy, France and Spain. I really hope to be able to share some of my experiences with you from this trip and many others.

Occupation: Civil Engineer

My passions are:

  • Books
  • Tennis
  • Travelling

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Shops & markets
  • Restaurants & food
  • Galleries & museums
  • Cafés & coffee shops

I love my city because: No matter how much I get to wander around, there are always new things and places to see in Thessaloniki. Apart from that, nothing calms me down like the view of the waters of Thermaikos Gulf!

My idea of a great trip is: a trip, which is as little planned from the beginning as possible. I would like to decide my next steps as I go along the trip or even take advice from locals on what I should visit next. Good company for an great trip is also required.

I have travelled to: most places in Greece and many cities in Europe like Paris, Berlin, London, Kopenhagen, Florence, Prague and Barcelona. Outside Europe I have visited New York and Tunisia.