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Having been on many tours allover, it is completely true that the tour guide can make our break the tour. This case was the former. We had tour guide Neil who was able to give us a ton of interesting information. Being two mid 20's guys, we lose interest very quickly. Neil was able to keep us interested giving many new and unusual facts. I would definitely recommend this bike tour to anyone who wants to experience Prague.
Taking a bike tour with City Bike was one of the best decisions we made on the trip. Our tour guide, Taryn, was full of information about the city and was hilarious too! We learned about some of the coolest, little known facts surrounding Prague and it's history. Taryn took us to the John Lennon wall, the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge and a ton of other really cool sites. The ride itself was also great, nice and easy with no hills or rough terrain. It was such a good experience and led us to rent bikes in the other cities we visited while vacationing in Europe. I highly recommend City Bike Prague.
Me and my girlfriend, decided to take a tour with these guys. At home in the states we ride bicycles regularly so this was something we were really looking forward to during our time in Prague. Every aspect of the business was on point and our tour guide,Taryn, was amazing!! This tour was definitely one of my favorite moments for our trip.