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Adelina answered about Krakow • March 22, 2017

Hi, looking for a laundry service near ghe podgoza squre. Any suggestions? Tnx 

(1 answer)

Pralnia Arida - Bolesława Limanowskiego 11, 30-551 Kraków (open times 8:00 - 20:00)

Adelina and 1 others answered about Krakow • March 9, 2017

Best place to shop for Polish cinema and children's dance festival DVDs? Thanks 

(2 answers)

Hi Graham, For Polish cinema DVDs, I would recommend any Empik store, as they have a large selection. They might a... Read more

Adelina and 3 others answered about Krakow • February 23, 2017

ia there train connection to hotel galaxy 

(4 answers)

If you're traveling to Hotel Galaxy from Krakow Airport, you can catch the train to the Central Station (Dworzec Głów... Read more

Adelina answered about Krakow • February 9, 2017

Hotel Atrium , Krzywa Street  

(1 answer)

Hi George, I see you're planning ahead! You've found a good spot for your Krakow base. As far as OLD and traditional,... Read more

Adelina answered about Krakow • August 10, 2016

How to walk from krakow train station to market square 

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At the station, follow signs directing towards "old town" or "stare miasto". You will pass through a modern shopping ... Read more

Adelina and 1 others answered about Krakow • August 9, 2016

Abandoned place  

(2 answers)

Szkieletor, an abandoned high-rise building near Krakow's central station, would be the most famous. There's also an ... Read more

Adelina and 2 others answered about Krakow • July 30, 2016

cheap local eateries/pubs  

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Restauracja Polakowski (Miodowa 39) £2 - £6 Cafe Młynek (Plac Wolnica 7) £1 - £4 Pierożki u Vincenta (Lea 114) ... Read more