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About me:

Curious, open-minded and creative. Read more

My passions are:

  • Meeting People
  • Foreign language learning
  • Arts
  • Tourism
  • Travelling
  • Reading

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Alternative spots
  • Bars & nightlife
  • Art & architecture
  • Restaurants & food
  • Historical sights

I have travelled to: Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia

I love my city because: it´s neither big nor small but it offers wide range of opportunities for different kind of activities. If you´re eager to explore them, you can´t be bored.

My idea of a great trip is: to have a rough idea about where we are going, about interesting places to stay for a night, to eat and drink, to get to know local people... and to be enough flexible to change the plan whenever is more convenient. Spontaneity, open-mindedness and courage are a must.

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