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About me:

Hello and welcome to Prague!
My name is Sona and I'm a co-founder of CityQuester - an interactive sightseeing treasure hunt game in Prague. It's been a year since the idea of a fun sightseeing tour in a form of game came up to my mind. And now our small team is running three tours around Prague City Center.

Our quest-tours let you discover hidden gems of Prague while playing an exciting treasure hunt. You will walk through the city guided from a smartphone, receive puzzles and fun challenges and get historical insights.

I'm sure you will get just as passionate about our kind of exploring the city as we are!

Looking forward to meeting you in Prague and ... Let the quest-tour start! :)

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My passions are:

  • Travelling
  • Music
  • Running
  • Dancing
  • History
  • Friends
  • Movies
  • Reading

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Cafés & coffee shops
  • Hidden gems
  • Parks & nature
  • Historical sights
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Reviews from travellers (4)


Competetive Fun!!
Sometimes it gets boring to have tour after tour just be about someone talking facts of history while you stand and listen. This tour is NOT that. This allows you to be interactive with a partner and learn history along the way. Clues and directions around the city are provided to you via telephone and you have to solve puzzles along the way to move on! There are ciphers and things you need to seek out; but be might even have to get some strangers involved in your tasks! If you're looking to turn a typical boring tour into a crazy fun experience this is the tour for you for sure.
would definitely do it again
A nice way to explore city
We were a group of three on this quest and enjoyed it. It's a nice way to find some interesting details in Prague, that you probably wouldn't notice otherwise.
Totally different way to explore Prague!
It was a really fun way to explore the city and to discover some hidden points of it. Sona, our guide, was really nice and helpful. It could be great to have something like this in every big city!
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