About me:

Are you an International Businessman? Do you travel a lot to source new suppliers/factories?
I know that finding reliable suppliers who will sell to you at low cost is no easy task. Finding qualified suppliers is a challenge enough. It becomes much more so when buyers are separated from suppliers by borders, languages and cultures. I offer a range of services that should help get to that point.
You’re probably familiar with common business practices in your country and less accustomed to the way things are done abroad. That’s OK; most people are in the same boat. But if you do plan to travel to Turkey, besure that you will get a proffesional service from me.
I am a foreign trade expert with years of experience in diverse Industries. Due to my profession, i travelled to 26 countries and i met many people from all arround the world. My first trip to a country was always hard until i found the right person who could guide me. Ordinary tour guides are good at giving you the information about the city, museums, touristic zones, history and etc. But Businessman needs more than that. They need a dependable person with great Industry knowledge who can guide them to their targeted business.
So that's where my idea of being an Industry guide came from.
If you are looking for somebody who can assist you during your business trip in Turkey, you are most welcome to contact me.
My whole experience is at your service. I hope you will make use of it... Read more

My passions are:

  • Business
  • Travelling
  • People

I have travelled to: China, Russia, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Libya, Morocco, UAE and many more.. Totally 26 countries

My idea of a great trip is: Work with professionals

I love my city because: You can find everything you need

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