I was born in Brazil,in the State of Paraná, but came to Rio de Janeiro when I was still a baby, so I considerer myself as 'carioca'. Love to travel and love my city. Like low budget, cultural, in open spaces programs and believe that people should occupie public spaces to take the city back in our hands!

My passions are:

  • Animals
  • Food
  • Travelling

In my city I have great tips for:

  • Sports & recreation
  • Restaurants & food
  • Bars & nightlife
  • Art & architecture

I have travelled to: In no particular order: Lisbon, Bönn, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Köln, Mangualde, Cusco, La Paz, Buenos Aires, Macchu Picchu, Santiago (Chile), Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Barcelona, Clermont-Ferrand, Cochabamba, London, Las Vegas, among others

I love my city because: You can have everything you want in Rio de Janeiro. Inside the city you can find beaches, watterfalls, forests, restaurantes, partys, cultural life, people practicing sport everywhere, good night life, good music and food, and people are very kind and warm.

My idea of a great trip is: get to know new places and people, have fun, have contact with nature