How many university is there?

By Traveller January 13, 2019

How many university is there?

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By An Inactive User Traveller January 13, 2019

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The main universities in Vancouver are: UBC, SFU, BCIT and a plethora of smaller unknown or recognized universities scattered throughout the GVRD.
Local June 19, 2019
There's a few university's in the Vancouver and the Island.
UBC (university of British Columbia)
And SFU (Simon Fraser University)
There are others like UVIC ( University of Victoria) on the island
As well as another very popular one BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
Local January 15, 2019
I would add each university does have some programs that are unique to them. For instance Simon Fraser has a Criminology program UBC doesn't. Also for music Capalino University has an excellent music program. Masters in Speech Pathology only available at UBC etc. etc.
Local January 14, 2019
2 Big Universities

University of British Columbia
Simon Fraser University

British Columbia Institute of Technology also offers Bachelors degrees in some fields.
Local Ambassador January 14, 2019
Which one is best?
Ok. Thank you. It is perfect.