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Good drinks, Cheap food, nice patio

The Charlatan

Why locals love it

The Charlatan is not only open a bit later than a lot of bars on the Drive, but it has some delicious food; there is something here for everyone, and it is very simple North American/European food. There is a patio, and there are many levels in the bar.



Why you should visit it

If you want to grab a quick drink on a patio (or, just a quick drink), this is a great place to stop by. There's nothing remarkable about The Charlatan except for the prices, and the amount of seating (you won't be waiting for too long), but this makes it stand out on the Drive.

Special tip

If you're allergic to gluten, be sure to ask the server to ask the kitchen to double check.

The Charlatan
1447 Commercial Dr

Mon-Th: 16:00-01:00

Fr: 12:00-02:00

Sa: 11:00-02:00

Su: 11:00-00:00

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