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Helsinga's Medieval Market Fair

Helsingan keskiaikapäivät

Why locals love it

Helsinga's Medieval Market Fair is organised for the fourth time. The Program has spreads around the St. Lauri Church and the parsonage park in Vantaa, the parish of Helsinki. At the market place, you will meet dozens of medieval sellers, dressed for the occasion and sharing knowledge about their products.



Why you should visit it

The program is open for people in all ages and has lots of happenings throughout the area to discover and experience medieval times in full. For instance the program includes humorous tournament, stick-horse tournament, archery and sword fencing, as well handicraft shows, lectures, guidings, church mass and music.

Helsingan keskiaikapäivät
Kirkkotie 45, Vantaa, Suomi

Sa: 11:00-18:00

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