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What are your top 3 local thing to do?

By Traveller May 23, 2018

What are your top 3 local thing to do?

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By Maria Traveller May 23, 2018

I’ll be travelling to Vantaa soon, and I really want to dig into the local culture. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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I agree on Terhi's list, and if you are more on west-side of Vantaa here are some tips what to do around Myyrmäki. If you are here for the coming weekend, Louhela Jam on Sunday at Jokiuoma park is worth visiting https://www.facebook.com/louhelajam.fi.
If you feel sporty almost in Vantaa on Helsinki side, just some 10-15 min walk from Myyrmäki there is the Malminkartanon huippu, landscaped landslide hill, with the longest stairs in Helsinki and quite a nice view from the top https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malminkartanonhuippu.
If you are in for fleamarkets the Salvation Army fleamarket at 2nd floor Iso-Myyri shopping center is a place for good finds. http://www.kirpputorihaku.com/kirpputori/vantaa/pelastusarmeijan-kirpputori-myyrmaki. And there is also in western Vantaa chance to enjoy open-air swimming at Vetokannas http://www.vantaa.fi/vapaa-aika/liikunta/ulkoliikuntapaikat/uimarannat_ja_avantouinti#Vetokannaksen%20uimaranta.

Welcome to Vantaa! :)
Local May 29, 2018
1) go to Kuusijärvi - a small lake with a beach, sauna and cafe. You can go for a short hike around the lake or even further to Sipoonkorpi National Park. Very popular place in summer https://www.cafekuusijarvi.fi/english/

2) Heureka science center

3) Flamingo Spa - they have a waterpark and for extra fee you can go to a spa with different types of saunas and relaxing pools - this is for adults only and much more peaceful than waterpark. Before that you can shop in Jumbo shopping mall next to Flamingo
Local May 24, 2018