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Best bars serving Cicchetti

6 places
Finding typical food that does not break the bank might be a little tough in Venice, that is why I would like to tell you about the Venetian cicchetti. Served at bacari, small, local bars hidden all over Venice, they are nibbles …
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Places for night lovers

8 places
Venice is not famous for its night life, but places where to have fun do not miss. The lively Campo Santa Margherita or the bars of the Rialto area are not the only spots where to spend a night out. Next to the train station you …
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Lovely islands

7 places
During your stay in Venice you can do a lovely trip to discover the small islands of the Venetian Lagoon. The majority of people only prefer to see Murano, but there are several small islands where to spend great time away from t…
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Coffee addicted paradise

7 places
Italians love to have a break of 2 minutes, which can last for hours, having a coffee. To relax a bit and chat with friends or just to have quick break before doing something and get a bit of energy by drinking an espresso is a c…
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Exploring history, art and beauty

11 places
In the city of Venice history, art, architecture and above all beauty are the essential steps to know how, where and what locals live and have to face every day of their life. So take the time also to explore this important piece…
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Walking and getting lost

15 places
The best way to visit Venice is walking and getting lost where the "Calli" take you. Enjoy a wonderful sight, find amazing discoveries, go into the beauty, have a break in a "Campo" lived by locals, meet a poetry festival. These …
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