Decemeber trip

By Traveller November 19, 2018

Decemeber trip

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By nadeen Traveller November 19, 2018

I am coming to venice by decemeber 10, reading about all of these floods , i am abit afraid and worried about this part of my trip,i have my flight from marco polo airport on 13th,
What do you recommend ? Is it dangerous for three girls ?

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Absolutely not. Everything has settled down
Local November 25, 2018
Hi Nadeen, in winter time Venice is often floated but it is something normal for us and we are prepared, you can control the situation via internet. There was a very high tide about 3 weeks ago, but it is something exceptional.
Venice is very safe, also during the night, so never mind for that. If you stay in Venice lagoon, not Mestre or Marghera, you are OK. I'm a travel guide so I can organize a tour for you if you want to learn about this magic city with the eye of a local :)
Traveller November 19, 2018
Hotel tri archi ? Is it any of those areas you mentioned ? Mestre or meghere ?
Those areas she mentioned are on the mainland. There really is no dangerous part of the island once you cross the bridge. You can go anywhere even at night without any troubles.
Salvatore Local November 20, 2018
Hi !! There is no danger at all! Just but rubber boots in case of high water. You can find them all around Venice and the cost is 10 euro.
Ps: in this period it is very cold!
Local Guru November 19, 2018
It is definitely not dangerous to be there even if there is acqua alta or high water. It is just an inconvenience. There was a storm a couple of weeks ago that was quite bad, but that is very rare. I would not cancel a trip or get too anxious about it.
Local November 19, 2018