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How does social distancing work on vaporetti ?

By Traveller August 12, 2020

How does social distancing work on vaporetti ?

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By Robin Traveller August 12, 2020

I am visiting in September will post covid stop me getting around?

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Hi there! Thanks for your question.
You’ll be able to get around no problem! On public transports, as well as everywhere INDOOR, wearing a mask is mandatory. Outdoor is not, as long as 1 meter distance is possible. When seating at a restaurant table obviously you take your mask off 😅. In any case all indoor activities are ensured by plexiglass transparent panels, gel sanitizers and space reorganization.
Should you need a guided tour, don’t hesitate to contact me 😇😇
Have fun!
Local August 12, 2020
No problem. Need to wear a mask to get on board and hope they let you hop on.
If too many people onboard you have to wait for the next boat.
Venice is a walking city no need to take a boat unless you need to reach other islands and in that case boat are bigger normally.
Local August 12, 2020
Thank you Silvia for your reply. Will I have to wear a mask in museums,
restaurants and enjoying a spritz outside by a canal.
Really appreciate your advice in these difficult times.