Winter in Venice? What to see & do?

By Traveller September 14, 2017

Winter in Venice? What to see & do?

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By Stephanie Traveller September 14, 2017

Hi there, I will be in Venice in November (long story!) & I was wondering what are some of the best ways to experience winter in Venice, in terms of sights, food, arts etc. Is there anything I must try/see? Are there any particular gardens/attractions that are closed in November?

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Well november is not so bad.Venice in November is not crowded and you can surely enjoy the city .the museums are open from 8.30 to 17.00 .the church of st.mark is open from 9.45 to 16.30.not on sunday morning.the fish market is open everyday in the morning from 7.30 till 1230.not in sunday and not miss the "althanicollection" inside Doge's Palace.if you come near the 21 of november there the Santa Maria della Salute festival.Venetian people goes to the church of santa Maria della salute to prey for their ealth.there is a floating bridge linking San mark area to the church and thousand of people go to the church in order to respect a tradition started in 17 century when the venetians built that church to say thanks to the Virgin mare to helped in stopping a huge plague november the climate can be bad.water flooding,fog and rain.beside that venice is nice also in this period.there are not parks or gardens in venice.
If you decide to go to see Burano or Torcello probably u will find 40%of the shops closed because the season is off .
Restaurants,wine bar etc are always open.
If u have any question please contact me.if u need a guide I am a certified guide of venice since 1991.
Local September 14, 2017