Cheap hostel in venice

By Traveller November 15, 2017

Cheap hostel in venice

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By Stefania Traveller November 15, 2017

Hello looking to travel to venice for 2 nights but looking for a cheapish hostel doesnt have to be in the centre but easy to reach centre if some people could help me id realy appreciate it many thanks

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did you try the nuns?
at Fondazione di Culto “Opera Fides Intrepida”Casa Cardinal Piazza Cannaregio 3539/a – 30121 Venice
Tel. 041.721388
They don't speak english I think.
Let me know.

Local September 15, 2018
Ok which is your budget?
Local November 17, 2017
I really suggest this solution since I live in Lido island that is only 15mins from St Mark waterbus trasportation of course since we can t swim ;(
Here is very quite respect Venice, products having a local price and actually the life is cheaper respect Venice where tourists are everywhere!
Here you can enjoy also the Venice beach and all the activity as possible a lot of time unknow to the most!
One really very nice location is called bb500 located in Lido di Venezia you can easily find it on google
The furniture is amazing, in original liberty style, a large garden is avaible for the guest and most important thing you will be surrouded by a lovely family management :)
I m sure you will love them!
Regards, Andrea Barbini
( La Dogaressa Viaggi _ Incoming Services)

Local November 16, 2017
Of course as Tour Guide and Incoming Tour I have a lot of ideas regarding which place.
At first I have to know which is your budget and in which period do you want to came here
Local November 16, 2017
We are coming from milan by coach on the 24th November -26th
Hi which period?
I manage a big hotel company ;)
Local November 15, 2017
We’re getting a coach from Milan on the 24th we are looking for somewhere cheap for 2 nights backpackers budget
We are looking to leave milan on the 24th with coach and stay in Venice until 26th