Trip to venice

By Traveller April 9, 2018

Trip to venice

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By Raj Traveller April 9, 2018

Hi I am coming to Venice with my wife april 26-30th.
I have a few questions:

1) Do i need to book tickets in advance for any of the attractions/sights?

2) Is there a male barber shop that does beard shape ups with a razor blade?

3) It is my wifes birthday on April 28th - a saturday. Is there anything special we can do? Can i get a birthday cake made as a surprise?


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Pasticceria da Tonolo (€) - Our absolute favorite pastries. Go there early, before 3 pm, as they close their shop when the stock is gone. Daily fresh made small typical Italian pastries to eat in (no seating) or to go. They also prepare cakes.
Open 7:45 am - 8 pm, Sun. 7:45 - 1 pm Closed Mon.
Calle S. Pantalon, Dorsoduro 3764 +39 041 5237209
Local April 15, 2018
Thanks for the reply.
Are we expecting nice weather next week. Thurs-mon?
1) yes. 2) no 3) no
Local April 11, 2018
Hello, order the cake to the Tonolo pastry shop +39 041 523 7209. I am not sure if they deliver. But you can always ask to the reception of the hotel you are stay to provide a cake for you in the room on April 28th.
I would buy the entrance of Doge's palace in advance and do the secret itinerary tour of it.
Regarding the barber shop sorry, cannot help :-)
Have a lovely stay in the city!

Local Guru April 10, 2018
holidays between the 25th of april (end of nazi fascism) and 1 of maj (labour day).
Local April 10, 2018
So will places be closed during this period then? Thanks
Ciao Raj,
in Italy there is a sort of a long holiday in those days, Venice will be packed.
Better book in advance if you know what you want to visit.
Specially for restaurants.
No idea about barbers, sorry.
About the birtday...everything is special in Venice... I would avoid the Gondola and
perhaps visit some other island or little village in the surroundings, for exapmple beautiful Chioggia and the Delta del Po.

Local April 10, 2018
Thank you for the reply. What is the holiday?

We arrive on the Thursday and leave on the Monday.

We were planning on spending Friday seeing the sights in San Marco - doges palace, st marks basilica etc. So I should book these tickets in advance?

Any recommendations for places to go on the saturday and Sunday?

Thanks for your time
What a nice way to celebrate a birthday! First about booking tickets in advance. To avoid the lines at San Marco you can book tickets for the Basilica and Campanile at Tickets for the Doge's Palace and associated Correr Museum can be purchased up to 3 months in advance from If you are planning to visit a other museums you can purchase tickets at

As to ordering a birthday cake, I don't have any experience with that in Venice but when we were in Tuscany my husband was able to order a birthday cake for me from one of the supermarkets. You might want to try a pastry shop as well.

As for barbers you could probably call your hotel and find out if they can recommend someone for you.

Good luck and have a wonderful vacation!!
Local April 9, 2018
hi Raj!

You don't necessarily need to book tickets in advance, but it is a good idea if you don't mind sacrificing spontaneity. For example, you can book your entrance to the St Mark's Cathedral for a nominal fee. Even minutes before your visit if you have a mobile phone. This can help you skip the lines that can be very long.

For question number two I would seek out barbiere Davide Molin. A quick Google search will bring him up with a map.

For a birthday cake you may be able to contact a pasticceria in advance and ask them if they could do that. Sorry, I don't have any specifics on the last point!

In any case, Venice is an amazing city that you are sure to enjoy. Make sure you check out some less touristy areas like the Cannareggio neighborhood and the area around the Arsenal.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask away!

Enjoy your trip, Sal
Local April 9, 2018