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Ideas for Good Vegeterian restaurants?

By Traveller July 27, 2016

Ideas for Good Vegeterian restaurants?

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By Gabrielle Traveller July 27, 2016

Hi, My boyfriend and I shall visit Vienna in September and I would appreciate some ideas from locals regarding vegetarian restaurants worth visiting! Thanks :)

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Hi Gabrielle,

you really should visit Swing Kitchen like mentioned in the other answers. Really awesome burgers there.

Other great places for vegan/vegetarian food are: ( great food but pricey) (typical pub with austrian dishes (delicious ice cream) (asian food) (restaurant and super market)
Local Guru August 25, 2016
Swing Kitchen
Local July 28, 2016
I don't have much time so no real review: for Japanese veggie food go
Local July 27, 2016
Thanks :)

Swing Kitchen is the ultimate vegan fast food - you have to try it, we eat there often:

If you would like really upmarket - there is a Michelin vegetarian restaurant, called Tian: It is some of the best food I have eaten (we went there as a birthday treat for lunch).

Tian also have a bistro at the Kunsthaus Wien (Hundertwasser Museum) it is much cheaper here and they do great toasted sandwiches, my favourite was a vegetarian chorizo. While you are there you can visit the museum, it's really beautiful.

We eat lots of curry from "Prosi Exotic Supermarket" it is a supermarket but they have a counter where you can pick and mix curries and other indian snacks (not limited to indian, there are other cuisines) - this is one of our favourite places to eat. They have recently open a restaurant as well but we didn't try it yet, I'm sure it's great.

There are many more places as well, the turkish restaurants dotted around are usually really good and offer quite a lot of veggie food, I also eat lots of falafel, most places do good stuff. Maschu Maschu is particularly good.

Also check our the food places in Naschmarkt, they do amazing breakfast food, we frequent there on a hungover weekend.

There are many more, but I can't think right now, maybe I will remember some soon :D

Local July 27, 2016
haha; so great that we had the same 2 recommendations! :)
Wow! That is actually really informative. Thanks a million! :))
haha - I'm very hungry right now :D
I have to recommendations:
1. the best vegan burgers:
2. high cuisine (and expensive):
In General you can find vegetarian food quite easily. But here you can find a map with all the places in Vienna:
Have a nice stay in Vienna!

Local July 27, 2016
Thank you so much! Have a nice rest of the day! :D

"oben" not only veggie, but biological and really tasty!
Traveller March 20, 2019
Already many good answers below:
Swing Kitchen
Local December 10, 2018
Vegana Indianer is not that nice to sit in and the area is nothing special, but you get veganized Viennese Classics like baked emmentaler and Spare Ribs.

Veggiezz is also very good. But you should find good vegetarian options in alost every restaurant.

There is expensive vegetarian fine dining at Tian, or the more laid-back and cheap version: Tian Bistrot at Spittelberg. I would definately recommend one of the Tians.
Local April 19, 2018
How much are you willing to spend.

A nice restaurant is Neni am Naschmarkt. The have a lot of vegetarian dishes.
If you are looking for something fancy and ridiculously priced, try Tian.

Local April 1, 2018
-I love veggie burgers
-Swing Kitchen
-Sponn Food (not just vegetarian food but mostly)
-Henrys (not just vegetarian)
-Lilette's (Café)
-Kurt Frozen Yogurt (ice cream)
-Yamm at Naschmarkt
Local September 6, 2016
Hi Gabrielle,

I can recommend yamm!
It`seems like a big buffet, but the food is really good.
Have a nice trip! 😊
BR, Judith
Local July 27, 2016
thank you!! :)