Hi! Please tell me local places or people called “Hidden Gems in Vilnius”.

By Traveller March 9, 2019

Hi! Please tell me local places or people called “Hidden Gems in Vilnius”.

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By tatsuya Traveller March 9, 2019

I'm a creative person in Tokyo.I love to travel, explore the local(not touristic) area, eat local foods, communicate with local people. My last trips were Croatia and Havana and next is Vilnius! I've travelled more than 30 cities over the world for cultural trip! This time, I'd like to find cool independent stores, galleries, coffee roasters, cafes, book shops, music venues, bars...with good vibes in Vilnius. And also I'd like to meet up with independent creators who are doing interesting jobs or activities(musicians, artists, graphic designers, photographers, editors,architects, fashion designers, potters,organic farmers, micro breweries, skateboarders and so on) in Vilnius.So, please tell me those kinds of local places or people called “Hidden Gems in Vilnius” if you know that‼︎

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Hi! I would highly recommend to visit the Centre for Civil Education ((: All information about Lithuania is presented in a very interactive way there! You can check out their website www.pazinkvalstybe.lt
Local April 17, 2019
Hey, Tatsuya. As the bar, I would recommend Who hit John. You could meet a lot of friendly locals there and as for more recommendations.
Local March 12, 2019
Justina, Thanks! I will go there!