Things to do on Easter Sunday

By Traveller April 13, 2019

Things to do on Easter Sunday

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By Ruairi Traveller April 13, 2019


My partner and I will be in Vilnius for Easter Sunday and leaving Tuesday. Would love to find some good cultural event, live music (traditional Lithuanian, folk, jazz, anything really), good bars and of course great local food and dishes.

Please could you let me know if you have any recommendations for this Easter weekend.



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Hi Ruari,
I'm guessing you're Irish (as I am, and living in Vilnius).
There's a website - - where you can pick the days of your visit and see what's happening.
You might find the city a little dead on Easter Sunday as most people go to visit relatives living outside the city. But, you'll find plenty to do.
My suggestion would be to go out early and visit St. John's Church on Pilies gatve (Street). For 2 Euro you can take the lift to the top and get one of the best views of the city in my opinion.
But really you should just wander the streets of the old town, cross the little bridge over the Vilnele River and into the Republic of Uzupis. Drop into the bar there called Spunka, tiny place but really nice vibe - tell them you know me :)
If you want to find me on Facebook I'll be happy to let you know about events that I may hear about.
Enjoy your visit to Vilnius, I think you'll enjoy it.
Brendan Harding
Local April 13, 2019
Hi Brendan
Thanks for your response!
Yes good guess, Irish but we live in London.

The events website looks great. Looks like there are some concerts that might be worth checking out. Fully expecting it to be a little quieter due to Easter. Thanks for the tips of where to wander around, I'll definitely check out Spunka.
Thanks, looking forward to it

Hi, do you want to see more heritage reted things or fun/unique or both?
Local April 13, 2019
Hi, yeah we want a bit of a mixture. Definitely want to do some traditional Lithuanian things if there is anything going on!
Hi Giedrius
We're keens to experience some really Lithuanian things to do and avoid any tourist traps. Definitely up for some fun things too.
Last year, when I was in Vilnius for Easter, in Užupis, they had an amazing outdoor concert by the angel. I’m pretty sure there would be activities going on there. Easter is widely celebrated in Lithuania and as far as I know, usually not much going on that day.
Local April 13, 2019
That sounds great! thanks - we will look in to seeing if it's on this year. We are a little worried everything will be closed
Some stores are open on Eater
aj Local April 13, 2019