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I've been to Warsaw many times. My wife and I are looking for a day trip from Warsaw accessible by public transport tra… Read more

Danny June 15, 2022 answer

Hi, I’m planning a trip to Warsaw end of May with friends. How is the situation regarding To refugees right now there? … Read more

Boudewijn April 13, 2022 answer

Looking at the film, what is your overall impression of life in eastern European cities such as Warsaw at the time this… Read more

Kaylee October 1, 2021 answer

Hi! Can you suggest to me what do I should to taste and possibly where?

Juri December 2, 2019 answer

Hi. Me and my friends want to go the cheapests and nicests non turistic bars/pubs in Warsaw. Can someone help me?

Mário November 13, 2019 answer

Hi there! we have upcoming holidays and I feel in love with some polish clothes website could you please suggest me h… Read more

Nouf July 30, 2019 answer

Hello! I have bought a used wedding dress in Warsaw and am looking to have it altered. Could anyone reccomend a seamstr… Read more

Jennifer July 22, 2019 answer

I would appreciate any consults regarding accommodation and real estate affairs and/or agents there to help me get sta… Read more

Mojdeh June 20, 2019 answer

Can someone please advise on restaurantsin central Warsaw that have gluten free food on their menu. Thank you 😊

Hope May 5, 2019 answer

Hello, Do you have a good Recommendation regarding car rental company in Warsaw? Ilook for honest company with no cheap… Read more

Betty April 18, 2019 answer

Hello everyone! How are you? Soon I will be in your beautiful city, what is the weather like now? I made a list of a… Read more

Raffaele April 8, 2019 answer

Hello!Does anyone knows where in Warsaw can I buy an Aerial Hoop?

Filio March 27, 2019 answer

Hello to all Warsaw locals! I'm Raffaele, I'm 23 and I'm a local from Naples. I will visit your beautiful city in two … Read more

Raffaele March 24, 2019 answer

Hello, I know that near Warsaw are a lot of factories of clothes. Could you tell me where i find shops with local clot… Read more

Bianca February 21, 2019 answer

We are two friends coming in the beginning of September. We like good food, plants, history, design, markets and music.… Read more

Þórhildur February 15, 2019 answer

Hi everyone! We get a couple of hours between trains around lunch time. What and where to eat? We just want something e… Read more

Anne January 9, 2019 answer

Hello! I am looking to buy a wedding dress by the designer "Rara Avis or Ange Etoile", I am wondering if there are any … Read more

Jennifer January 9, 2019 answer

Hi there. Where can I exchange money in Warsaw?

Erasmo January 2, 2019 answer

Hi! I am visiting Warsaw in the middle of January 2019 and I come from a country where winter clothes are either not … Read more

Laura December 30, 2018 answer

Goodafternoon, We are still waiting for the confirmation of that tour. This is a Christmas present for my mother … Read more

Anne December 24, 2018 answer

Hi, friday 14 and saturday 15 december 2018 I will be in warsaw, can you suggest me discos and night clubs that play ED… Read more

alessandro December 9, 2018 answer

We are traveling this month to Warsaw, Poland , please let me know the name of disco clubs for 16 years plus and a hang… Read more

mike December 4, 2018 answer

Hey Warsaw Locals! Where can a single fella go to hear some live jazz & blues tonight? I'd love to find a cool bar near… Read more

pedro November 23, 2018 answer

Hello there Can anyone recommend a reliable kantor in Warsaw? Thanks Erasmo

Erasmo November 3, 2018 answer

Hello, my friend and I will travel to Warsaw tomorrow untill monday. Someone who wants to guide us? Regards

Tim September 13, 2018 answer

hi , i'm visiting warsaw with my 2 friends for the first time and we were wondering what is the best affordable places … Read more

Tareq September 5, 2018 answer

Hi locals :) I am coming to Warsaw and am looking for a good street/neighborhood to stay at. I am looking for pubs, r… Read more

liad August 12, 2018 answer

Hello! I'm going to Warsaw and I would like to know nice nightclubs to go out to dance, places to have a drink and chil… Read more

Susana August 6, 2018 answer

My family and I are visiting Warsaw and we wanna see as many sights as possible but without rush :)

Vágó July 9, 2018 answer

Hello, We are coming to Warsaw for a bachelor party this summer and looking for the best options for clubs in warsaw… Read more

Marios June 26, 2018 answer

Szanowni Państwo, chciałabym zapytać o możliwość zamieszczenia na Państwa stronie informacji na temat naszych dwóch Fe… Read more

Gosia June 19, 2018 answer

Hi could you suggest me cool Polish clothes brands? Thank you very much! All the best. Marika

marika June 6, 2018 answer

Hello locals, I am coming to Warsaw on 9-11th of June, and am looking for: 1) interesting, urban, alternative places t… Read more

Milda June 3, 2018 answer

Hi friends, We live in NY and we are going to visit pra babka in July. Any good place to celebrate a baby one year old … Read more

jose May 24, 2018 answer

Will be there next week for 3 days. Looking for nice nightclubs with top40. Might be fancy too

Jason May 8, 2018 answer

Any tips regarding photographers in Warsaw that can take some photos at a nice place in Warsaw? Nothing big and fancy, … Read more

Stian May 7, 2018 answer

What's the best road to take to Warsaw from Bialystok? Is the highway S8 to Warsaw good? Because when i was in Poland… Read more

Mykolas April 23, 2018 answer

Hello, so Im planning a 1-2 day trip to Warsaw, and I would like to ask what must see things should i go to or see whil… Read more

Mykolas April 23, 2018 answer

hey guys, I am moving to Warsaw in a week and I will probably live in Mokotow - what are your opinions on this distr… Read more

Martina April 19, 2018 answer

Hey everyone! Wondering if you have recommendations for a neighborhood to stay for a few days. I would like to find a… Read more

Paxton April 6, 2018 answer

A place for the best sweet in warsaw!!!???

Anastasia April 6, 2018 answer

Me and my girlfriends are going to stay in warsaw from 26-30 march. When do the pubs close? Are there any clubs open du… Read more

Elín March 16, 2018 answer

hi there. i'm going to warsaw march 20th. where can i have polish traditional food in ? and i've been there once befo… Read more

재훈 March 5, 2018 answer

Hi folks, Could you tell me what are some nice shops in Warsaw where I can get my bf some cool cultural or original … Read more

Mariam February 22, 2018 answer

Hey guys! Im soon off to Warsaw! April actually. Please name a few of the best craft beer bars/bottle-shops. Thanks.

Lars February 13, 2018 answer

Hey guys, we are visiting Warsaw in February with 11 girls and we'd love to do a bit of an alternative tour on the 25th… Read more

Laura January 21, 2018 answer

Anyone available tomorrow Thurs. the 5th January for a tour or Warsaw in the afternoon?

Iacopo January 4, 2018 answer

Hello, Can you recommend some wedding dress store where is affortable wedding dresses? I'm looking something from 0-300… Read more

Marja January 3, 2018 answer

Where is the best place to eat a vegan breakfast?

What's the best/cheapest way to get from warsaw bus station or city center to Modlin airport?

Tomas December 21, 2017 answer

czesc, i can't remember the name of the university where students can sell their art work once (or more often) per ye… Read more

Alex December 19, 2017 answer

what places can i visit? I am a solo traveler.

Nida December 14, 2017 answer

Where can I buy a local SIM card? Can I use it in Amsterdam too? I'm coming to Warsaw on 21-23/12 and 28-31/12. Wh… Read more

Lilach December 4, 2017 answer

Hi! December 10th (sunday) I'll be spending in Warsaw with my mom. I read online that the christmas light festival is s… Read more

Tara November 14, 2017 answer

Hi! Next weekend I'm going to Warsaw. Where I can go to pass a funny night with my friends? THX

Antonio November 12, 2017 answer

Hi - Any advice on a route to take? Are there bars at the river? Any advice is appreciated.

ross November 9, 2017 answer

We are two couples from sweden 50+ we like good food, music (Rock, Blues, Americana, Etc) We will visit Warsaw over th… Read more

Louise November 4, 2017 answer

Can anyone recommend the best restaurant in Warsaw for traditional Polish food? Maybe there is more than one!

J November 2, 2017 answer

we are visitIng Warsaw in February 2018 for 3 days what would you recommend we see we are both in 60s but healthy and a… Read more

linda October 29, 2017 answer

Hi! We are 3 spanish friends visiting the city for the weekend. During the day we may visit the city, but we need… Read more

Sergio October 24, 2017 answer

Hi! we are planning a 4 days trip to Warsaw. do you think it's worth going to PATK outlet for a day or is it better to… Read more

Irit October 22, 2017 answer

Hi! I"m looking for a nice place to have a brunch for a group of girlfriends celebrating a special event. any ideas? S… Read more

Irit October 21, 2017 answer

Hello natives and other travellers, Who would fancy joining us in Warsaw this weekend to have fun in city center? :)

Bernardas October 20, 2017 answer

Hello all, we are looking for some recommendation for bars to have some drinks with a nice crowd to start the party nig… Read more

Riccardo October 6, 2017 answer

Hi there! I'm getting married next summer, and my fiancé and I want to go to Warsaw (or Krakow) to buy wedding dress a… Read more

Johannes September 30, 2017 answer

Hi locals! Could you do me a favour and suggest some coffee & breakfast places? Looking for something really worth visi… Read more

Jolanta September 22, 2017 answer

Recommendations for best banking (debit card) in Poland- for US citizen who does not yet have Polish residency?

Beth September 14, 2017 answer

To purchase a bus ticket for Line 175 out of Warsaw -Chopin headed for Centrum Station- what's correct ticket to purcha… Read more

Beth September 10, 2017 answer

Not sure if I'm reading online information for IEC train from Gdansk to Warsaw correctly, but I only see trains running… Read more

Beth September 1, 2017 answer

any idea what spot would be the best? I've already checked MeetUp but I found only origami one which is not really to m… Read more

Magda August 25, 2017 answer

Preferably rock n roll, I have read that a good area to go is in Praga. I am 26 years old and I am Spanish, thanks!

Héctor August 24, 2017 answer

I'm going to Warsaw with some friends on Sunday and we are going to spend 3 nights there. We'd like to go out and party… Read more

Lisa August 9, 2017 answer

I am a Brazilian barista and I would love to know the coffee market in Warsaw.

Thiago August 4, 2017 answer

Hey, what is the best, cleanest, nicest karaoke place in Warsaw? I am not able to google this one out. Zelena Ges is an… Read more

Dovydas August 3, 2017 answer

Hello:) I'm planning to visit Warsaw this sunday but I haven't got much time. Could you advise me where I can buy beaut… Read more

Kyunglin August 2, 2017 answer

Hey- where is a nice area with open air bars and restaurants and lots of people walking around etc. thank you!

Alexandra July 30, 2017 answer

Where can i find the best shopping place to bay cheap and good clothes? Not nessesery a mall, it would be great to see … Read more

Hans July 28, 2017 answer

hi there ! does anybody know about an electronic or computer shop where they buy & sell USED accesories for laptops ? :… Read more

Manuel July 28, 2017 answer

Hi- does anyone know what time the Chopin concerts in Lazienki park finish on Sundays? thank you

Alexandra July 26, 2017 answer

Hi, My boyfriend and I arrive in Warsaw on the evening of his birthday, and I was hoping to do something fun to celebra… Read more

Alexandra July 24, 2017 answer

Are there any interesting activities we could attend to? Is there a place where you can play around in real excavators … Read more

Dovydas July 11, 2017 answer

Im visiting warsaw on july 10th for business trip .. I would like to chill after meeting specially at night ... where c… Read more

harry June 29, 2017 answer

Will be in Warsaw for part of July and need advice on day time vs night time clothes, how hot and cold does it really g… Read more

Camilla June 28, 2017 answer

Hi there, I am coming to Warsaw around october and I am with a group of 30 students. Which bars/clubs would you recomme… Read more

Bas June 13, 2017 answer

hi there, we're coming to Warsaw in a couple of weeks on a stag weekend - is there a indie/studenty club that people wo… Read more

Phil June 13, 2017 answer

I travel to Warsaw at the end of June. Where are the students going out on Monday evening and Tuesday evening? ( I pr… Read more

Jitka June 8, 2017 answer

I'm scheduled to take a bus from PKin (Plac Defilad), when I look it up on maps only Plac Defilad shows up as a center … Read more

Kasia June 7, 2017 answer

I'm scheduled to take a bus from PKin (Plac Defilad), when I look it up on maps only Plac Defilad shows up as a center … Read more

Kasia June 7, 2017 answer

I'm scheduled to take a bus from PKin (Plac Defilad), when I look it up on maps only Plac Defilad shows up as a center … Read more

Kasia June 7, 2017 answer

Is there a chill place in Warsaw with a nice view and where 10 guys could chill, eat and basically do nothing during th… Read more

Dovydas June 6, 2017 answer

Hello! I will arrive at the Warszawa Zachodnia Station at 6:00 A.M and I need to go to the Modlin Airport to catch a … Read more

Kyunglin May 22, 2017 answer

Hi all, is there a restaurant in Warsaw where it's possible to watch Juventus Lazio, final match of Italian league cup?

Matteo May 16, 2017 answer

What is the most recomended shoping center in Warsaw?

Mute May 13, 2017 answer

looking for a Bartender job can any one tell me how much i can earn monthly how to find out job??

Murugesan May 7, 2017 answer

I know the museum of Zdzisław Beksiński is in sanok,too far from warsaw but I really want to see some paint of him. Is … Read more

Giuseppe April 28, 2017 answer

I know the museum of Zdzisław Beksiński is in sanok,too far from warsaw but I really want to see some paint of him. Is … Read more

Giuseppe April 28, 2017 answer

Hi all, I'm coming to Warsaw this weekend and I was wondering how much does it cost to take a taxi between Warsaw Chopi… Read more

Agnese April 28, 2017 answer

What local food can I order to help me lose weight. Also which restaurants in Warsaw do healthy tasty low calories meal… Read more

Tracy April 27, 2017 answer

On my trip to warsaw i'm searching for a very good tattoo artist.

Giuseppe April 25, 2017 answer

On my trip to warsaw i'm searching for a very good tattoo artist.

Giuseppe April 25, 2017 answer

Is there the possibility of a boat trip on the 1st of May? Would you inform me of the name of the company to ask for f… Read more

Begona April 19, 2017 answer

Can anybody recommend a local funny guide (german / englisch) for a walking sighseeing tour (2-3 hours) in Warsaw old t… Read more

Thomas April 18, 2017 answer

We spend a weekend in June and hope to have good weather. Is there any possibility of renting jetskis or boats and can … Read more

Thomas April 12, 2017 answer

Or some area with a lot of local pubs and small tour around this area?

Thomas April 11, 2017 answer

Hi , I will be visiting Warsaw on the 21-25th April. I will appreciate your recommendations on interesting home decor… Read more

Neta April 6, 2017 answer

Jee...i seem a bit desperate...which spa hotel would you suggest - intend perhaps not to use the treatments but saunas … Read more

Maria April 3, 2017 answer

Hello locals of Warsaw, Can anyone advise me on any restaurants that offer a lunch, or business lunch deal. For example… Read more

Sam March 30, 2017 answer

hi dear locals! Can any lady advise me a good hairdresser's salon for colouring? thanks!

Maria March 29, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm looking for a good techno club in Warsaw to go to in April. Any recommendations? Many thanks, David

David March 27, 2017 answer

Hey, guys.. I booked a weekend getaway to Warsaw and didn't check the calendar. Thus I am going to spend Easter weeken… Read more

Marina March 26, 2017 answer

Hi. Do anyone of you know if there is a baseball batting cage here in warsaw? I play them before and I really want to p… Read more

Amirah March 24, 2017 answer

hi! How is the upcoming Easter in the city? are all places closed down?

Maria March 23, 2017 answer

Hello there. What can I say - lovely website you have here. It really helped me to find what should I visit. I have… Read more

Julius February 28, 2017 answer

I fly back to England at 19:00, need ideas for the rest of the day.

Luke February 28, 2017 answer

Hello! I'm looking for the best apparel fabric warehouse in Poland, it could be anywhere. Maybe someone knows and co… Read more

Louise February 22, 2017 answer

Do anyone have any ideas of what fun activities we can do in Warsaw? Lika any types of games or something? :)

Margit February 22, 2017 answer

like the sort of place you'd go on a date :)

Shae February 19, 2017 answer

me and one friend are heading over to warsaw on these dates and are looking for locals or fellow travellers to hang out… Read more

LIAM February 10, 2017 answer

Hello Everyone. I've organised a Stag Do for 19 people and we'll be arriving to Warsaw on the 24/02/2017. We've ordered… Read more

Daniel February 6, 2017 answer

Hi, We are travelling to Warsaw this weekend (staying Fri - Mon). Would love some recommendations for bars with nice… Read more

Jen January 30, 2017 answer

Hi all, I'd love to have some recommendations for nice things to see around the city – maybe some market and especially… Read more

Tzurit January 30, 2017 answer

I'm looking for shops where I can find souvenirs typical to Poland, such as amber, and cloth or other things typical to… Read more

Shannan January 13, 2017 answer

I am in Warsaw from the 3rd to the 5th February, spending the 6th February in Krakow and then back to Warsaw that eveni… Read more

Shannan January 10, 2017 answer

I get into Warsaw on January 4th at around 2pm and have the afternoon and night in your beautiful city! Any absolute mu… Read more

Katie December 30, 2016 answer

Dear All, my beste friend will have his Bachelor Party in Warsaw. I´m polish, so a lot of advantages for us. W… Read more

Chr December 29, 2016 answer

Hi looking for best area to explore around to eat and drink with atmosphere and life!

An Inactive User December 11, 2016 answer

It's a bus (like an old one) located in between Plac Zawiszy and Rondo daszyńskiego, It has food graffities all over it… Read more

Luna November 20, 2016 answer

Which one is higher level Which more close to metro or tram?

Rana November 17, 2016 answer

Hello, I would like to know how to get from Warsaw train station or bus station to Warsaw modlin airport? On sunday:) … Read more

Margarita November 14, 2016 answer

When its begin ? When its end? Where in warsaw?

Rana November 12, 2016 answer

Oldtown or centre? We are 2 friend commien 2.1 till 6.1 and want to do the max

Rana November 9, 2016 answer

I need validated weekend ticket 5-6 November 2016 for Warsaw transportation or 24h ticket valid for 6 of November zone … Read more

Sylwia November 6, 2016 answer

Hi, I'm going to Warszawa in December for a family holiday with my husband and 11 and 10 year old boys. Any activities … Read more

Malin November 2, 2016 answer

Hello there, I will be going to Warsaw during winter break but only for a short time of period. Could anyone here sugge… Read more

amira November 1, 2016 answer

I'd like to know must to see places and tours to do in Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Also pl… Read more

Manasvi October 16, 2016 answer

i will be at warsaw from 24th - 26th oktober. So where i can meet party people on a Monday or Tuesday ? Where to find … Read more

marc October 11, 2016 answer

Hi :-) I'm visiting Warsaw for the first time in November ( staying near old town, on Freta st), can anyone recommend … Read more

Tony September 28, 2016 answer

Helloooo =) I'll be in Warsaw at 3rd to 5th of January! Will there be any kind of christmas customs in the city that pe… Read more

Fwteinh September 15, 2016 answer

hello!!!! I will visit Warsaw soon and I saw something about polish cooking lessons witch I am interested in! Does anyo… Read more

Fwteinh September 12, 2016 answer

Hi, I will be in Warsaw for the film festival 7-10 October but struggling to find the tickets/cinemas online as their w… Read more

Jacqueline August 31, 2016 answer

I plan to stop in Warsaw on my way back from Kiev, for the first time. Anyone to guide me for a day or two in the city

Pierre August 28, 2016 answer

Hey there! I'm going to visit Warsaw this weekend. I'm trying to find some great places in Warsaw I must see. It would… Read more

Aistė August 24, 2016 answer

In Warsaw late August, early September 2016. I love to walk, and would love to walk to a great grocery store, with or … Read more

Gordon August 24, 2016 answer

I'm coming next week, is it going to be really hot? Can I survive with jeans and a tshirt or I better pack shorts?

Belen July 20, 2016 answer

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