Looking for a consignment wedding dress shop.

By Traveller January 9, 2019

Looking for a consignment wedding dress shop.

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By Jennifer Traveller January 9, 2019

Hello! I am looking to buy a wedding dress by the designer "Rara Avis or Ange Etoile", I am wondering if there are any consignment wedding dress stores in Warsaw or nearby where I could find used dresses. Alternately, is there a website for used goods in Warsaw where I may have luck?


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Hello! Look online or at stores in the Praga side. You can use the keywords "suknie ślubne warszawa" for more information. About used dresses, the easiest would be regular online shops as olx, but you can also look for "komis" stores.
Local January 9, 2019
Thank you! Appreciate the help and key words!