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Cześć Warsaw locals!

By Traveller April 8, 2019

Cześć Warsaw locals!

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By Raffaele Traveller April 8, 2019

Hello everyone!
How are you?
Soon I will be in your beautiful city, what is the weather like now?
I made a list of all the must-see things and local restaurants not to be missed (for pierogi and more).

I simply wanted to ask, if me and my girlfriend wanted to try something different, what are the other cuisines worth trying in Warsaw?
As for an Israeli I saw that the best would seem to be Shipudei Berek, in the Jewish quarter I can't wait to visit!
I accept advice on
• Best Japanese / Asian
• Best Thai
• Best restaurant / bar with atmosphere


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9 answers

Hello Raffaele, here are my tips:
- Asian: Yache Korea, Uki Uki
- Bar with atmosphere: definitely Kraken Bar (here you can also taste really good sea food at a good price; rum collection here is impressive! )

Have a good time in Warsaw :)
Local April 11, 2019
i’d rather recommend Bekef at Hoża street which has Israeli owners and not Polish businessman who knows how to make money on laymen
Local April 9, 2019
The weather is fine, Something like 9-15 dgr. + a bit of sun
Asian cuisine - Uki Uki on Krucza Street 23/31 or Thaisty at Bank Square 4
Try to go on Poznańska Street for restaturants.
Must see:
Polin Museum
Vistula boulevards
Local April 9, 2019
Shipudei Berek Is definitely not the best Israeli cuisine in Warsaw. It’s part of a big chain of restaurants offering different cuisines (most of the others serve junk food- Jeff’s, Piwna kompania, U Szwejka) and all of them’s (including Berek) motto is: plenty, simply, cheaply. Also in Berek’s menu you’ll find burgers and French fries which do not seem too Israeli to me...
And Jasna street is definitely not the Jewish quarter ;)
Local April 9, 2019
Thank you so much Luk! So what do you personal recommend instead? Thanks!
I mentioned already Bekef at Hoża street. Tel Aviv at Poznanska street can be also a good choice. But start with Bekef – it’s simple, but fair and real cuisine 😊

I have also some recommendations regarding Asian cuisine, especially Korean which became very popular in Warsaw - for this kind of food you may choose from Miss Kimchi at Żelazna street and Koreanka at Koszykowa str.
And for Chineese definitely Reginabar at Koszykowa str - both the food there and restaurant's interior decoration give a lot of pleasure
luk Local April 12, 2019
Shipudei Berek is a good call :)
As for Japanese I recommend Uki Uki restaurant on Krucza street with udon (they recently opened another one, Uki Uki Green, which has vegan udon), or Arigator Ramen Shop on Piekna street.
Other great Asian restaurant is Wit-Taj. It’s a fusion of Vietnamese and Thai food (also it’s a game of words - “witaj” means “welcome” in polish).
I personally really like the food in Cool Cat (there is one on Solec street and one on Marszałkowska street) - it’s a kind of fusion of different cuisines, mostly Asian.

The weather is pretty good right now, sunny and warm spring, but as usual during early spring in Poland it changes quite often, so be prepared for both cold and rainy as well as very warm days :) also, there has been quite a wind for a few days
Local April 8, 2019
Thank you so much!!!!!
If you are near the center, I recommend you visit the Bubbles restaurant, between the hours of 4PM-6PM they have mega promotions, you can drink as much champagne as you want for 7 euros !!!
Traveller April 23, 2019
Akademia is the only restaurant in Warsaw that has all vintages of the "young potato", we invite all enthusiasts of unusual alcohol, for the delicious food and nice atmosphere.
Traveller April 17, 2019
I saw you got a lot of recommendations already, but I just wanted to add something for Thai food: Thai Me Up on Foksal str. right in the city centre. It's awesome :)
And for bar with atmosphere definitely - Weles Bar :)
Local April 12, 2019
Hi Rafaele

It dependent when you come - we are preparing to the easter and for next couple of days it is going to be cold. But in the RMF of next week should be around 18 degrees C.
What to see and rat and Warsaw - Berek is ok but you also have Shuk which is more casual - it is in Ochota. There is really nice American and tex-mex restaurant Pink Flamingo. I think you should visit old yugoslavian bar - it is like taken from the 80ties. You have to nów that holidays in Yugoslavia was aleverynone’s dream durnot the comunism time. The name of the restaurant is Yugo. There is also very nice restaurant Genesis - the building is in shape of a glass heart (the organ). There you should ask for their Specialities.

Have a good time in Warsaw and let me know your opinions about the places if/when you visit them.
Local April 9, 2019
Hello Agnieszka! Thank you so much for your answer!
I will arrive on Thursday and I will come back the next Monday!
On the occasion of Palm Sunday, do you do something religious in Warsaw? I've been to Krakow before but maybe it would be worth coming back for a day?

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions!
Actually i am not religious person, but i think some nice activities will happen in the Old City. I don't think it is a good idea to go to Cracow. You can also choose an organized trip to see a tipical Kurpia Easter traditions.
I’m not religious too but just for asking for something to do on Sunday :)