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Secret places in Warsaw

By Traveller August 24, 2016

Secret places in Warsaw

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By Aistė Traveller August 24, 2016

Hey there!
I'm going to visit Warsaw this weekend. I'm trying to find some great places in Warsaw I must see. It would be great if you recommend not touristic cafes, restaurants (I'm addicted to good food and coffee), bohemian places, galleries, interesting objects or local bazaar in which I could buy local stuff:)
Thanks for your recommendations!

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Plac Zbawiciela, Stara Praga (Zabkowska street), Saska Kępa (Francuska street), Zacheta has a very cool exhibition now. Enjoy:)
Local September 8, 2016
Olimpia bazaar on Górczewska street (Sundays only). It' s something like flomarkt. Here You can find really interesting "local stuff" (from food to old postcards) and local atmosphere...
Local September 2, 2016
It depends on what you consider "touristic." There are places to hang out and get the vibe of the twon and then there are places such as the Warsaw Uprising Museum , the Museum of History of Polish Jews, etc. that are vital to understanding the story of a place.

For secret places, a cool bar is Pardon to Tu located off of Plac Grzybowski in the center. It is kind of a funky bar with a varied selection of beers, cool DJs spinning tunes and the occasional live concert.

Local August 24, 2016
Hey, Kenneth. I'm not going to visit museums for this weekend but I firmly believe they're noteworthy! :) I think I'll try to visit Pardon bar.
Thanks for your advises!
Beirut / Kraken is a must!
It is one place with two bars / menus.
Beirut is a hummus bar, and Kraken is a seafood bar with nice selection of rums.
Very nice food in both and bohemian atmosphere you are looking for.
Located on Poznanska street.
Have fun :)
Local August 24, 2016
Thanks a lot, Marcin, I'll try it for sure! :)
Marcin!!!! Thanks a lot! I've tried both kitchens. Amazing food, drinks and atmosphere! Thanks again :)
Happy you liked it :)
Make sure you try Zacapa Rum as well :)
Marcin Local August 26, 2016
Nice you want to see the "not turistic" side of Warsaw.
I would recommend you an artictic coffee place called "Karma" on plac Zbawiciela, really comfy sofas. For the evening, not far from plac Zbawiciela there is a nice, "old looking/PRL-like" pub "Świetlica" on Marszałkowska 17, serving local/regional beer (I think they serve coffe as well). Also very close, a cool industrial looking pub, with very good appetizers, called "Bardziej" on the corner of Marszałkowska and Oleandrów street.
Have fun !!!
Local August 24, 2016
Hey there. Thanks for all your recommendations! :) "Świetlica" looks great, maybe I'll try it. By the way, I found out in the Internet "Charlotte" in Pl.Zbawiciela as well. Is this recommended place? :)
I think it's either love or hate for Charlotte - I'm in the first group, because I love their pastries and sandwiches, and even if you're not sitting in, you can just grab something to take away and have your coffee in one of the nearby parks (Lazienki Park or Ujazdowski Park). If you like good coffee, I recommend Ministerstwo Kawy which is also at Plac Zbawiciela. Charlotte has a second cafe called Charlotte Menora not too far away from the Palace of Culture.
Thanks a lot! :)
Piękna Mery pub on Piękna St. is a nice place to visit. Great atmosphere with locals. Most bars are more of watering holes. It's not too far from Plac Zbawiciela and it's definitely not a "tourist attraction". I've been there a few times and if you're looking to chat with a local about the history of Warsaw, it's the place to go. The owner's always there and speaks English. Great guy.
Local March 27, 2017