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Intimate and notorious Dupont restaurant

Little Serow

Why locals love it

Little Serow, despite notoreity, still maintains its semi-secretive intimacy. The night-stall food and feel of this dark, cavelike restaurant makes for an engaged, intellectual six-course endeavor. The menu is fixed at 6 courses, $45 per person. And the food items change weekly at a minimum. You cannot make a reservation here either...



Why you should visit it

Whether you love Thai food, or you've never had it, this is Northern Thai food done perfectly. It will pretty much ruin you for eating it anywhere else. Though, while Thai food has become a go-to rainy night delivery for man, Little Serow is an exacting occasion of food and culture--with six courses and a menu that is always a surprise.

Special tip

Try to get there close to opening for immediate seating or to get in line for your party.

Little Serow
1511 17th St NW

Tu-Th: 05:30-22:00

Fr-Sa: 05:30-22:30

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