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Beacon of the freedom movement

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Why locals love it

Martin Luther King Jr. is a crucial figure in American history generally, and in the history of civil rights specifically. This newer monument located at the northwest corner of the Tidal Basin. From there, MLK is in direct dialogue with some of the most influential presidents in US history--FDR, Abe Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson.



Why you should visit it

There are many important memorials and sights to see along the Tidal Basin and the National Mall. This is the first (of hopefully many) which commemorates a non-white figure in American history (let's hope the count of women and of diverse figures goes up as well). The monument features an MLK quote and a gorgeous view of the Tidal Basin.

Special tip

The official address of the monument is 1964 Independence Avenue, commemorates the year the Civil Rights Act became law.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
1964 Independence Ave SW

Mon-Su: Open 24 hours

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