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Best Place to stay in New York

By Traveller January 6, 2019
Washington DC

Best Place to stay in New York

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By Gail Traveller January 6, 2019

I am coming from Australia to Washington with my husband and our two friends from London from 28 Dec to 3 Jan We will be there for the New Year.
We are in our 60's, love food, galleries and shopping and shows. I have no idea about the areas of Washington and am looking for help to decide the best place to stay to look around and experience the New Year. We will be coming by train from New York after spending a week there over xmas. Not sure how cold it gets but assume it will be quite cld so I think it would be good to be near transport

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I recommend using Priceline to get a nice hotel. I offered a ridiculously low price and ended up in the Hotel W right in downtown DC. It was awesome to pay such a great price for a nice hotel in an awesome area. Since DC has the highest concentration of Ethiopian people outside of Ethiopia, I recommend eating at an Ethiopian place. Everyone will recommend Dukem, but I think the best Ethiopian in DC is at Etete, which is right down the street from Dukem, in the historic U Street district. There's also Addis Ababa in Silver Spring, which you can reach via metro.
Local January 7, 2019
If you love food and galleries, you definitely are going to have a great time! I love love love this city, and I'd encourage you to research some of the neighborhoods outside of the main tourist spots - so you're on the right site :)

DC has really become a foodie destination in the past few years. I would check out to see what their DC heatmap says, as well as check out the Bib Gourmand list that Michellin puts out (great restaurants where you can get two courses and a dessert or wine for $40 or under.) Personally, I would say don't miss Maydan (they open reservations 28 days in advance) and Red Hen.

Obviously the Smithsonian art museums are a must - they're free and they're huge. The National Gallery of Art is great, but don't miss the Hirshhorn Museum across the mall - it always has something interesting.

Outside of the Smithonians, there's the Phillips collection. It's worth googling "DC art galleries" as there are a lot of really lovely independent galleries.

For something really different, check out Artechouse. It's a huge space that hosts interactive exhibits and it's really special. If you go at night they have a bar with VR cocktails.
Local January 6, 2019
For shopping, Georgetown is great even just for window-shopping, with it's cobbled sidewalks and cute historic homes. They've started to do a light installation at the end of each year, so you might catch some cool outdoor art. CityCenter is also fun - lots of high end stores and I think a skating rink.

I have a hard time recommending where to stay, as I think it just depends on what you want to do. I've heard great things about staying in an AirBnb, however. If you want to be right in the middle of the tourist attractions, that probably won't work, but if you're willing to take Lyft/Uber/the Metro, there are a lot of cute little brick rowhouses that you can rent for a week. I'd just take a look at where you're must-see places are and plan from there.

I'd note that weather is anyone's guess - it can be 30F or 60F... in fact it hit 60F last week.
Lyndsey Local January 6, 2019
Wow Lyndsey
Thank you so much!! I am making a list! Sounds like you love Washington as much as I love Sydney. 60 F would be good! So far i have found great houses/apartments at Dupont, Capitol Hill but I really like the look of Adams Morgan. Is it too far to go in and out every day?
I am very excited by this. We have a week in New York for xmas but I did not get the same great feed back as I got from you, though I suppose it is bigger to negotiate.
Thanks again
Just to be clear 60F is super unusual but... with climate change it seems like anything is possible anymore. It could certainly be freezing.

I don't spend a ton of time in Adams Morgan (I'm trying to fix that!) but it is a very cool area, and they have a lot of local businesses and pride in their neighborhood. Check out @admobid on Instagram, you can tell the businesses really care about the area! It's definitely a bit of a party zone at night/on the weekend though, so maybe read a few reviews and keep an eye on what people say.

While it IS a bit further away than staying right in the middle of the tourist area, if you don't mind taking a metro or Lyft around, and avoid rush hour, then I think it could be a good trade of for getting a neighborhood feel. I think you'll get more of a feel for the city than staying at a Marriott or Hyatt. If you do stay there, I'd recommend visiting Songbyrd - it's a record store/cafe that makes a really good cup of coffee!
Lyndsey Local January 6, 2019