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Used and rare books in Dupont Circle

Second Story Books

Why locals love it

There are other independent booksellers in the area, but none who make it on used and rare books alone. Second Story Books is a long-standing, quaint bookshop in Dupont Circle. For book aficionados especially, Second Story is a gem in this city, offering accredited appraisals of used and rare books, as well as selling the best of the best.



Why you should visit it

For browsers, feel free to lose hours scouring through rows of amazing titles. The store not only buys and sells books, but they also repair them. Second Story Books also has a vast selection of maps and prints for all of your home-library/study needs. The shop's been around for decades, and only keeps expanding.

Special tip

They also buy CDs and DVDs, for those looking to make a few bucks!

Second Story Books
2000 P St NW

Mon-Su: 09:00-18:00

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