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What to do in yerevan?

By Traveller November 11, 2017

What to do in yerevan?

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By Mariam Traveller November 11, 2017

so im going to yerevan in december 18th to the 23rd, i was wondering what things i should cover in yerevan and what i should do before i leave and i was wondering as well about the hidden gems in yerevan, also if there are any precautions i should take care of as its my first time travelling alone and first time going to Yerevan.

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Hello Mariam,
Depends on what you want to see, what are your specific interests. If you like visiting museums, I'd highly suggest the following ones not to miss out: - History Museum (on Republic Square) -
Matenadaran museum of manusrcipts - Parajanov museum - Museum of Yerevan (there are more, but this could be an optimum)
If you're a fan of visiting interesting places, here's what I suggest:
Hrazdan river gorge (amazing rocks along the way, old Soviet children's railway, just nice views and a touch of nature, very close to the center)
Tsitsernakaberd park ) where there is also the museum of Armenian Genocide, a very important site to learn more about the Genocide, which is often the first thing you hear about Armenians, unfortunately)
Levon's cave (just over the edge of Yerevan, in Kotayk region, really not far from the center anyway. Funny how that handmade cave appeared, you'll love it I think)
Victory park (dedicated to the second world war, has some old military vehicles and an aircraft and tank etc)
what else:) so much to tell about. it relly depends on what you're searching for.
Precautions: try to avoid paying high fees to taxi drivers that are often trying to get more than they should. Just count on google maps how long is the trip beforehand, then multiply it to 100 (1km is 100 AMD and minimum is mostly 600 AMD if you just get a cab on the street). You can always negotiate the price beforehand. Young people on the street should speak some English.
Local November 11, 2017
thank you very much for your tips and places to visit, i'll make sure to cover them up, the places you gave me sound really interesting because i really admire nature, but i wasn't sure if i'd see many considering the weather i'll be going to during that time. I was thinking i'd take a hotel taxi so i can go to places and from that specific location i walk around to the nearest monuments and head back with a taxi.
Hi Mariam
Find below the must seeing places in Yerevan
1. Victory park and Mother Armenia minument
2. Matenadaran - the largest depository of ancient manuscripts
3. Cascade
4. Northern Avenue
5. Armenian Genocide memorial
6. Republic Square
7. History museum
8. Ararat brandy factory
9. GUM market of dried fruits
10. Vernisaj
Have a nice weekend
Local November 11, 2017
thank you so much.
You are welcome. Please contact me if You need an english speaking guide/driver. Transport: Mazda6
Arthur Local November 12, 2017
Hello, Mariam.
Find bellow the ''to visit list'' by me.
1. Opera house and Republic Square
2. Cascade (go upstairs and admire by the beautiful view of Yerevan city)
3. Christmas Market on Northern Avenue (do not forget to drink some hot wine)
4. Yerevan mall or Dalma mall for shopping (you can catch a lot of discounts at that time)
5. Brandy Factory
6. Erebuni Castle (8th century B.C.)
7. A couple of places to visit for national food: Yerevan Pandok, Lavash, Tsirani, Vostan.
8. For drinking Armenian wine visit Saryan street.
9. City Hall and museum inside (devoted to the history of Yerevan).
10. Parajanov museum, if you're interested in cinematography (usually this is one of the favorite museums for tourists).
11. Churches: St. Zoravor, St. Anna, St. Sargis, St. Grigor Lusavorich - all three are in center.
12. Streets just for walking: Northern Avenue, Abovyan Street, Tumanyan Street, Teryan Street, Sayat-Nova Avenue, Baghramyan Avenue (to see the Parliament building and the President's seat).

For transportation, though almost every destination is in the central part and reachable by walking, try GG application. You'd better avoid catching taxi from street. Underground metro is also a nice way to travel: it's clean, fast and safe, also very cheap.

The weather is usually cold at the period of your visit, so don't forget to take with you some winter clothing.

P.S.: Where are you from? Your name sounds very Armenian :)
Local November 11, 2017
I'm not Armenian, however i'm from United Arab Emirates, Dubai, i think the names are quite similar because both countries are Arab or at least Arab descendant. Thank you so much for the tips and places, i'll make sure to cover up these places during my visit.
I am not sure that you have enough information about Armenian origin. Armenia is not an Arab country. And regarding the name. It is coming from Bible. Mariam was the mother of Jesus. By the way, we have a church by the name of Mariam in center, you can visit it as well.
Lilit Local November 11, 2017
You're absolutely right, i'm sorry for the mistake. I am clueless about Armenia thus why i wanted to go to the country and explore it for myself, because when i've seen some facts, there was a website that mentioned it was descending fro an Arab country similarly to turkey thats why they share similar music, foods ,etc. It's good that over there you guys call the mother of jesus Mariam, because every where else they call her Mary.