Zagreb City Guide: 228 Best Travel Tips from Zagreb Locals

Sljeme - Mount Medvednica in Zagreb

Why locals love it

The oldest parts of Zagreb were built on the slopes of the mount Medvendica, which is popularly called Sljeme after its highest peak (1035m). It's easy to guess that, thanks to its accessibility, mount Medvednica is the most popular place around to actively spend your weekends and fully enjoy the nature's beauty.

Why you should visit it

Charming mountain lodges with genuine local cuisine, easy hiking trails, curious remains of human interference all over the mountain (medieval fortresses, hospital, structures from World War II, mines...). They even host the FIS Cup race there! And best of all, it's a wonderful nature park.

Special tip

Hiking trails can literally be accessed by tram and top of the mountain can be accessed by public bus.

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