Zagreb City Guide: 227 Best Travel Tips from Zagreb Locals

Tresnjevka in Zagreb

Why locals love it

Huge neighbourhood that covers most of the west side of the city.
The initial Tresnjevka dates back to 19th century and that part is considered to be one of the most Zagreb neighbourhoods. In the meantime, it has spread significantly, but the "Old Trešnjevka" has remained one of the most nostalgic areas of the city.

Why you should visit it

This area is significant because it is home to many city's memories, and it is impossible to pay it a visit without feeling the pulse of old times. There are also some historical sights, such as wonderful Technical museum. This part of the city used to be Zagreb sports center, and it has remained attractive precisely because it's somewhat outdated.

Special tip

The area has been almost completely left out from the city's tourist maps. That's no reason to feel discouraged! Part of it is near the city center.

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