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Where is a place for creative people in Zagreb?

By Traveller April 22, 2017

Where is a place for creative people in Zagreb?

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By Tatsuya Traveller April 22, 2017

I like travelling to the creative city all over the world like New York, LA, Paris, London, Stockholm (I live in Tokyo and work at TV station) and next destination is Zagreb! I'd like to know local(not touristic), cool and independent shops, cafes, restaurants, coffee roasters, bars, ateliers for crafts, photo galleries, shops for skateboarding, organic wine shops…in your neighborhood. If your friend (like a photographer, a musician, a graphic designer, a chef for organic restaurants, a fashion magazine editor) comes to Zagreb, where would you show around?

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I could recommend couple of places: art park just north from the funicular, but i don't think it will be up and open before summer or so. Look online for design district Zagreb around Martićeva street. Also, you could check out Lauba gallery.
Local April 22, 2017
Thanks,Mario! Art park would be great! I'll check them. By the way,If you know these kind of shops and area in Dubrovnik or Split, please tell me about them!
Dežmanov prolaz- design shop: Love Ana (product designer Ana Tevsic), the most beautiful flower artist Saša Šekoranja's gallery, Dežaman bar with good food and wine

Food: Restaurant Time great fusion cooking, Petrinjska 7 street,
high end couisne, but wonderful: Dubravkin put (just go along Dežmanov
prolaz, follow the road into the woods :)

Design shop: Dizajnholik, Ilica 11 and Modus shop in Tkalčićeva street, design all over the world + local designers (www.dizajnholik.hr, www.modusdesignshop.hr)

If you are into ceramics: Lidia Boševski, Vlaška 81a, http://www.owl97.com/
Local April 23, 2017
Thanks,Ivana! Everything you recommend is inspiring to me!
I know you said not turistic places but the upper city of Zagreb it's my most favorite place, It has old buidlings and narrow streets, and a view of Zagreb. If you like cemeterys it's Mirogoj you must visit it's the largest and has some beutiful decor. The place where scateboarders meet is relativly near main sqare but not quite. You can go with tram 17 direction Borongay and get out on trg zrtava fasizma station, it's two stations of main square, you can go on foot but i don't know how to explain it quate.Everything healthy you can by in organic shop near Kvaternikov trg or on Dolac where locals sell their products. I don't recomedend small shops they are way to expencive and not so good. It's Croatia nothing is like it seems everthing is worst quality then it's seems. There is bar where all locals g. It's called Žirafa and there is few of them in Zagreb. Problem is they are aways fool but the drinks are too cheap and it's served in plastic cups. But did I say cheap haha :P There is also a gallery form main square to central station on the left side. you can't miss it. If you want a restoran go to Nocturno or ozujsko pub. There are local beers and food is cheap, but realy good. I know because i worked there. There are also few others that are good but they are too far away from centar..really. In Zagreb there is some king of rule, everithing that is worth of seeing is in centar, everithing else is just not so great...really... let me know if you want to know somethingelse
Local April 22, 2017
Just like in most of the cities, most of the "attractions" are located in the city center. Zagreb is no different. But as I said, you can find some things outside downtown, like Lauba gallery or Museum of Contemporary Art which is all the way across the river and which holds concerts on its roof during the summer. You could find interesting street murals all over the city and some of them are around Culture Center "Medika" (http://www.pierottijeva11.org/), just behind the hotel Westin.
Marko Local April 23, 2017
thank you!!
Also museum of city of Zagreb, it tells you a story. If you want to experience a night life, lokal places are Ritz and Opera in center.And also h20 it's where most of musicians come and sing, it's near student centar. Many people would say history but every turist is there so no. And also Paladium it's near Maksimir there is lokal as it can get. Maybe to local. If you want to eat a pancake and enjoy a beautiful place you can visit Chococafe, beautif decoration. It's near Tresnjevka (tram 12 direction Ljubljanica) .
Local April 22, 2017
hococafe, is good for breakfast? what is a good place for breakfast near the Westin
Well, Zagreb is cool and amazing city but I can't much say that is anything like New York or Paris etc. Anyway if you want to experience Zagreb you can visit our natural lake Jarun, it's a half hour ride with tram nb 17 in direction Precko from centar. Also not so natural lake Bundek, it's a place where locals like to barbecue, ride bike run all kinds of things. Also from nature there in Maksimir park, the place where all schools come to visit all over Croatia at some point because of zoo, and when you are there it's like you are not in a big city but in a woods. It's not so like graphic but it's beautiful on photograps and somethinf you have to see if you want to experience Zagreb. There is also a Museum of broken relationship there is like maybe a 2 in the world, it's not so expencive like 30/40 kn to get in but the storyes there are to die for.
Local April 22, 2017
Hi! I'm currently in Belgrade with limited access to the internet and I can answer you when I came home. But with some places you can't go wrong. Like Mundoaka, tacos&burger bar, elis cafe, cogito coffee roasters, bar in kino Europa, Eggspress for brunch, Crafts bar on Opatovina for good beers (or tolkien).
Hope you enjoy the city and I'll do my best to write more upon my return
Local April 22, 2017
Hi, Luka! Thank you for your recommendation. Every place is good for me.
Thank you, KITICA! I'm interested in all of places you recommend! especially Funk.

thank you!
Caffe bar Krivi put, Tkalciceva street, Hendrix gin bar (The most unusual garden), tunnel Gric...
Local April 22, 2017
Thanks,Mia! I'll chek them! If you know these kind of shops and area in Dubrovnik or Split, please tell me!
Well i don't know about Split or Dubrovnik, but in city Šibenik (which is an hour away of Split) you can find plenty of beautiful places, where is ancient mixed with modern :D
Mia Local April 24, 2017
Skateboarding (street) places are: in front of Museum Mimara (adress: Rooseveltov trg 5; huge staircase), Sretna Kuća (adress: Savska cesta 25, near the inside parking lot of Student Center Zagreb, they have mini ramp inside and pool outside, and a lot of flat ground; engl. Happy House) and one station from Mimara, and Home of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists) a.k.a. Džamija (engl. The Mosque; adress: Trg žrtava fašizma 16)
Skate parks are: on lake Jarun and in Špansko (this one is smaller than Jarun)
Skate shops are: Ext3eme sport (adress: Mesnička 3, I highly reccomend this one, guys working there are willing to help you and know what are doing) and Chill shop (adress: Preradovićeva 22; smaller, less choice, recently raised the prices, staff is not willing to help that much)

For street art places you can check on this map the locations of famous pieces: http://travelhonestly.com/zagreb-street-murals/

Street art Studio: https://www.facebook.com/Lapo-Lapo-992809430757561/
Croatian Design Super Store: https://www.facebook.com/croatiandesignsuperstore/?fref=ts
Local July 12, 2017
Specialty coffe places:
Cogito Coffee Shop (Varšavska 11)
Eliscaffe (Ilica 63)
Cafe U Dvorištu (Jurja Žerjavića 7)

Kino Europa (Varšavska 3)* - they don't have specialty coffee but if you want to enjoy your coffee with retro ambience of old Zagreb cinema this is the perfect place for you and you can watch some great movies too, link: http://www.kinoeuropa.hr/en/about-us/

Baccuss jazz bar (Trg kralja Tomislava 16) - small bar with artsy ambience (didn't drink coffee here)

Places that offer craft beers:
Tolkien's House (Opatovina 49)
Craft Room (Opatovina 35)
A’e ( Froudeova ul. 1)
Swanky Monkey Garden (Ilica 50)
Mali Medo (Ivana Tkalčića 36)

And for great memorable photos here are some interesting locations in Zagreb:
Thank you all. Moreover, I'm planning to visit Dubrovnik and Split. If you know a place for creative people in these cities, tell me about that!
Traveller April 24, 2017
Thank you Marko! I completely agree with what you said. I'd like to find local,cool places which are pretty much hidden. In that kind of meaning,Lauba gallery,Museum of Contemporary Art,Medika are interesting for me.
Traveller April 23, 2017
Hi,Teodora! Thank you for a lot information! I'll check all of them.
Traveller April 23, 2017