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Underground locals going wild

Club Zukunft

Why locals love it

For its good electronic music and its very underground vibe. Zukunft (called Zuki amongst locals) is always packed and you're always sure to have a good time if you go there. Finding its entrance will be tricky, but once you do, get in.



Why you should visit it

To get an idea of the true underground vibe of Zürich and its nightlife, or just to have a great night. Zukunft also has a bar upstairs, called Bar3000 (open before the club opens at midnight) which one of the widest beer selections in Zürich. If you like techno, a must do.

Special tip

Don't arrive too drunk, and if possible accompanied, it'll be easier to get in. Prices from free to 25CHF.

Club Zukunft
Dienerstrasse 33, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

Th: 23:00-04:00

Fr-Sa: 23:59-07:00

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