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daily expenses

By Traveller July 19, 2018

daily expenses

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By MUHAMMAD YASIN Traveller July 19, 2018

hi there,
we shall be in Switzerland soon IA (2 adults and 2 children), staying for 10 days . i was wondering how much will it cost us for food and travelling (e.g train fares, bus travel)?
our hotels are already booked.
we would be arriving in geneva from paris by the tgv train IA.
then from geneva its gstaad, interlaaken and finally zurich.
we finally fly out from zurich to munich IA.
any recommendations for our budget/total cost?

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Hi Muhammad

Check out a train Ticket calles SWISS Pass thats a ticket specially for tourists to travel around Switzerland. As far as I remember there are different kinds of Swiss Passes, like with different combinations for ex. 4 days travel within 2 weeks but I am not sure. This is an offer from SBB. You might find more info on their homepage.

All places you are planning on visiting are the more expensive places in Switzerland. Gstaad and Interlaken are loved by tourists and Zurich and Geneva are the most expensive citys in Switzerland but it is worth it!

Comparet to other countrys is is very easy to find a supermarket in Switzerland with basic drinks and food stuff also for take away. If you go to restaurants try to compare prices a bit if you walk down a street. There can be a very expensive restaurant next to a cheaper one. Usually Pizza/Pasta should be about CHF 18-25 per Person, Burgers CHF 23-30 (in a restaurant), Asian CHF 18-30, Swiss CHF 20-45 (depends on the restaurant.)
Local July 20, 2018
thankyou v.much vera for your reply
between grindelwald, lauterbrunnen, wengen, murren and gimmewald
which ones are worth visiting ? (taking the time factor into consideration, we ve only two full days).
i know that they are all beautiful places but if were to have only 2 days, then which ones? we ll be based in interlaken.
I would visit Wengen and Grindelwald. Wengen is great because it has no car traffic in the center. Pedestrians only. Grindelwald has lots of stuff to do with children. Also you can visit Jungfraujoch from Grindelwald.
You should calculate a minimum of 200-300 francs (approx 225 - 350 usd) or more per day for the 4 of you.
This is only for hotel and food. For transport please check the rates on sbb.ch
Local July 19, 2018
thankyou v.much for your reply
I picked up the travel guides from my local library and learned a lot of information.
Zurich is the most pricey place of our visit compared to Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Chur. We loved the country and were there 2 weeks. I would live there if at all possible.
Meals on the cheaper side at a McDonalds or Burger King will cost about 13.00 a person and up. Restaurants usually start at 20.00 and up a person. The exchange rate was pretty much the same as the American dollar. If your hotel offers complimentary breakfast- eat there but ours cost 25.00 a person.
If have a refrigerator in your room go to the Coop, Denner or Migros and buy food to eat in your room. All beverages were 5.00 and up whether, water, soda or coffee.
The transportation system is awesome and easy to use. A 24 hour pass to stay in the same zone was about 8.50 a person. Hop on and off all day long and stops are frequent. A trip from Zurich to Chur on the rail cost us 80.00 a person.
A city tour of 4 hours cost us 58.00 a person.
We loved the experience and the country- felt safe anywhere and anytime of day or night.
Enjoy your trip- it’s wonderful to be able to go.
Traveller July 19, 2018
thankyou v.much for your reply.
Hi Muhammad
That's hard to tell. Food: depends on the city and on your standards. I would say that Gstaad will be more expensive, because it's a touristic place
for the train check out: https://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html
or ask at the train station
Tickets in Zurich: check out the "ZVV Ticket Store" or the SBB Travel-Centre at the Zurich main station. They will have special tickets for tourists and I think for family's also
Enjoy :-)
Local July 19, 2018