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Public transport tickets!

By Traveller December 11, 2017

Public transport tickets!

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By Manuella Traveller December 11, 2017


We will be travelling in Zurich by public transport. Where can i buy the tickets. (on the train or bus itself?) and do i need to pay cash or is a credit card also possible? Is it possible to buy a ticket for more days and travel more places?


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7 answers

You could buy the ticket at the train/tram/bus station from the vending machines. At the central station or at the airport you could also pay with the credit card. However, you could also buy it online:

Once you have a daily or three days ticket for Zürich city you could use any transportation (tram, train, boat, bus).
Local December 12, 2017
Thank you so much for your replies. I am so happy with this service! This helps me a lot. Many many thanks!
Traveller December 11, 2017
You can buy day tickets for the city transport only or for the nearby area including trains. Best would be to check at the airport when you arrive - describe your travel plans to them and they can make the best suggestions.
Local December 11, 2017
Hi Manuela,

You can buy tickets for the tram/bus/train at the ticket offices on the main stations or at the blue machines at the tram/bus stops. You can pay with cash or card (believe it also accepts visa and MasterCard). If you stay in Zurich you can buy a 24 or 72-hour card, that will give you access to all public transportation in the Zurich area (including boat trip on the lake and gondola/cogwheel trains) as well as free or discounted access to several museums.
Local December 11, 2017
How much for 72 hours tickets? 6
Aukje Local August 14, 2019
Hello Manuella
There are vending machines at most of the stations and most of the time you can pay by card.
Local December 11, 2017
I want to know for 3 days ( 72 hours) tickets prices
Traveller August 14, 2019
For Zurich you need a ticket for tram bus and S-Bahn train before boarding, you cannot buy tickets on board. You can buy tickets at the train stations, tram stops.. get the 24 hour zone 10 pass.. this covers Zurich centre, all busses, Trams, the oolybahn funicular and some boats. You can pay cash or card. Note the airport and Uetliberg are outside of zone 10.
*Polybahn.. this funicular goes from next to Starbucks at Central, to the Polyterrasse at the university