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Snow-capped mountain viewing

By Traveller May 14, 2018

Snow-capped mountain viewing

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By FOOK Traveller May 14, 2018

Hi good Swiss people,
We'll be visiting Switzerland for the very first time.
We are in our mid-fifties, don't intend to do any hiking or trail-blazing..but hope to view snow-capped mountains from a village or town or even city point.
Since we will be based in Zurich, can anyone let us know which nearby city (within 1-2 hours train travel from Zurich) we should go to for this activity?
Thanking you all in advance.
Regards all

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SInce you will be staying in Zurich, you can see snow-capped mountains if you just go down to the lake (and look south). However, if you wanted a better view, you could take the boat down south to Rappersil (which would be a much closer view). I was also in Lucerne two weekends ago (along the river) and you had several views of snow-capped mountains from there. Interlaken (just under 2 hrs by train) also has great views of Juanfrau from right there in town.
Local May 14, 2018
Thank you very much

What I would recommend is to go to Lucerne. From there you can see the mountains covered by snow and also take a a round trip to Pilatus mountain:
Lucerne – Alpnachstad – Pilatus Kulm – Kriens – Lucerne.
You can check the tours on

I did this tour with my parents and they were very excited about this. You will not need to hike or anything there are cable cars and clog-wheels.
It is a really nice trip on a sunny day.

Have a great time,
Local May 14, 2018
Hi Ruxandra, Wow, that was nice.
Thank you so much, Regards

I fully agree with the comments below. If you want one more options to set your feet into actual snow you could do a daytrip to Mount Titlis (Glacier). I believe there should be several bus tours from zurich or you could go by train.
Local May 15, 2018
Thanks, Vera
Hi, you can watchbthe snow peaked mountains right from zurich. Wherever you are in the city just walk to the lake and the backdrop is if snow peaked mountains.
Local May 14, 2018
Thank you much, Ravi